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Pretty sure I killed my SR

Started by Lightsonthelake, December 16, 2023, 01:03:10 PM

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So on top of having to re design my entire setup, I think I damaged my SR. I moved homes, majority of my changes were just counts and string names really minor. i went ahead and did a fresh start on on x lights. uploaded everything to my f16v3. everything populated as it should after a few days of learning again what i was doing wrong. everything but my SR. its only used for my matrix. 4 strands 288 pixels per strand. same setup ive used in the past years. i was having issues with the first 10 or so pixels being white or other colors and non responsive. port 1 being non operational. port 1 may have just been a wiring issue. so i brought the entire thing inside to diagnose. pulled the SR out and noticed my power connections on the card were loose. tightened them up and now ive lost data. ive got power lights on all 4 fuses. power to my prop but no activity. the 4 data lights are off on the card. tried a different ethernet cable from the f16 still nothing. i hope i didnt kill the card, but it seems like i may have. are there any tests i can do? 


There is a test mode on some of the SRs, but there are a lot of SR models these days and the actual model would be handy to know.  Print screens of the configuration would be helpful as well.  


the test button on my SR isnt working either. pretty much I had communication, i pulled it from the box to test some stuff. noticed power and ground loose tightened those and now its not communicating with my pixels or my f16v3. im not as worried with my configuration as i am the loss of data between card and pixels. 

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