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Title: Start Stop playlist with 1 button event script.
Post by: dreiman on November 07, 2019, 09:31:34 PM
I am using FPP for the first time this year. I am in the planning stages and getting the software / hardware sorted out.

I was playing with input events to set up buttons to execute events. The first thing I did was make a button play a play list. That's got to be most people first thing with buttons. But it got me thinking. Instead of having a button for play, and a button for stop, why not play and stop with the same button.

So I wrote a simple shell script that allows you to do that.

You set up your button the normal way on a GPIO pin of your choice. Edit play.sh with the name of the playlist. Copy play.sh to FPP.  set up an even to execute play.sh.  Then setup an input to execute the even on a push button.

When you are done, push the button and the playlist starts. Push the button again and it stops.
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