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Title: f48v3 v2.59 lagging
Post by: reynet69 on December 05, 2021, 09:44:22 PM
I use 1x F48V3 and 1xF16V3 (32 ports plus 4 port differential expansion port) in my show... the F16V3 (in the park) runs my Megatree and various props around the property..this unit seems to run fine However my F48 seems to have a serious lag issue.. si I have a couple of questions that I wasn't able to find an answer for....
1- I presume the network connection speed is max 100mbps (can't get it to connect any faster) is this right? 
2- does anybody have an idea what can be causing this lag? most of my sequences are set to 20fps
3- both F16 and F48 are connected at 100mbps but F16 runs fine but I do have more props / pixels on F48,, all receivers are in dumb mode
4- I have the units connected to a Cisco/Meraki gigabit switch

any help would be great
Title: Re: f48v3 v2.59 lagging
Post by: JonB256 on December 05, 2021, 10:06:45 PM
What is your Data source?  From xSchedule or from an FPP?

Firmware v2.59 will support DDP input and it is much more efficient than E1.31.
I had some odd behavior to Smart Receivers in Smart mode, but they behave perfectly in "dumb mode." (which you are using)
The older non-Smart Receivers work well also.

(I output from an FPP to my F16v3 and DDP is a choice. I don't use xSchedule so unsure about it)
Title: Re: f48v3 v2.59 lagging
Post by: reynet69 on December 06, 2021, 08:21:22 PM
I do indeed use Xscheduler... is changing from E131 to DPP as simple as just changing it on the board and on thew controller page of Xlights or is that just too easy?
Title: Re: f48v3 v2.59 lagging
Post by: JonB256 on December 06, 2021, 08:56:22 PM
as a non-xschedule user, someone else can answer that. But, it should be that easy. All DDP needs to know is an IP address and a Start channel and End Channel. Unlike E1.31, though, DDP does want a single block of channels, not 2 or more groups of channels.
Title: Re: f48v3 v2.59 lagging
Post by: tucsonlights on December 14, 2021, 01:23:58 PM
If using ddp. You would set your controller f48 to ddp in xlights. Allow full xlights control in the menu and use fpp connect in xlights to push the new config to the f48. It should be as simple as that.
Title: Re: f48v3 v2.59 lagging
Post by: JonD on December 14, 2021, 02:33:32 PM
I am running 30,000 + plus channels at 40FPS through 12+ F16V4/F16V3/F4V3 controllers scattered across 1.5 acres.   Was using xschedule until last week with e1.31 just fine with no issues.  (I only moved to FPP recently to resolve a remotefalcon issue)

I had an issue with a bunch of lag a while back.  It was a conflict with my dedicated machine that runs the light show and my laptop.  They were fighting for the same controller resources.  Make sure you do not have multiple devices trying to use the controller resources.  In my case xlights and xscheduler was conflicting.  It was only an issue if I tried to run the show directly from xlights.  Afterward xschedule would have lag.

I ended up rebooting the dedicated workstation, ran only xschedule, and turned off all remaining machines that had xlights installed.   It resolved the problem.
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