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F48 & PSU & DC/DC Converter & Differential Board in 1500 Enclosure

Started by munu, November 23, 2021, 01:15:16 PM

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How do you mount all the mentioned components in a CG-1500 enclosure? The F48 and PSU are already mounted on a Holiday Coro plate but I need to mount one differential board and one DC/DC 12V->5V converter (the PSU is 12V) to get power to the F48.

Attached is an image how I envision doing this. The differential board will be mounted on a wood base with standoffs. Then the wood will have standoffs that are hot glued to the PSU. The reason doing that is so the PSU can dissipate more heat than when the wood is directly hot glued onto the PSU. The only issue might be the pull of the cables that could rip this off but I plan to use cable glands which hopefully will prevent this. Also I probably will rotate the differential board 180 degrees and then drill 4 holes for the 4 connectors on the differential board. The Ethernet cables will go out the existing openings in the CG-1500. The DC/DC converter will be a bit ugly because you will see screws on the outside of the box but that's the best position I can think of. Any other recommendations/suggestions?


Mount the convertor with double sided foam tape, no hole then. How much power are you going to draw on that 300 watt power supply? May want to add a vent. Remember the CG boxes were designed for non powered equipment original.
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You also have the option to mount to the inside of the lid of a CG-1500.  Make sure your cable runs to anything on the lid "fold" into the box without causing any obstruction (particularly where the two halves come together.)
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These guys sell mounts for Falcon boards onto Meanwell supplies.  No mounts yet* for the F16v4, but ...

*You can just drill holes in the mount to make it work for now.  

I just ordered a couple F3 mounts and will bust out a drill to mod to my v4's.


I think I am going to double tape it. Then when I think the position isn't ideal I can easily move it. As for wattage, I will just have one differential board in the box so that's a max of 4*5A*12V = 240W but in reality it will be much lower. I suspect the fan will not even come on as the show runs in the evening when it is relatively cool (50s).


Hmm, I was going to post an image of what I ended up doing but I guess I can't insert an image into a response of a post...


Quote from: munu on November 28, 2021, 02:03:41 PMHmm, I was going to post an image of what I ended up doing but I guess I can't insert an image into a response of a post...
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@k6ccc Ah, that was it. So here is what I ended up doing. Nothing special but it might help for newbies like me. I haven't done anything with it yet but we will see how it goes. I still don't feel that confident that hot cluing the wooden board on standoffs to the PSU will hold very long but we will see. I am in the process of adding 4 female xConnect pigtails to the differential board. I will get some Ethernet cable soon so I can hook up other differential boards and a TR-24.

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