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Falcon Controller F16v3 is having an issue

Started by Chris_F, December 19, 2021, 09:12:34 PM

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So my f16v3 is having an issue. it keeps rebooting. i read somewhere to hold down the setup button and power on the controller to reset it so i did this and it works for a few then it crashes again. it will play a sequence for a minute then it freezes. when i try to access it via browser its offline or its red in xscheduler. i checked my power supply and its reading 12.05 volts. has anyone had this issue or or does anyone have any ideas to try? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Quick update i changed routers, network cable, tried the port next to it. Also seems to work ok in test mode all options no problem. Chase, color ramps.


Check your sequence and media file names.  There can be NO special characters in them including underscores or other symbols.


even in xlights when i start a new sequence and throw on the butterfly effect on whole house and just hit turn lights on it runs for about 10 seconds then freezes while all my other controllers carry on no problem. what ever it is seems like a problem with the controller receiving data.


If you have too many lights attached to the controller it will drain the power to the controller too low and cause issues.  If that is the case you might try powering the F16v3 from another power source separate from the lights.  Also, make sure the controller is not getting too hot.


Is your sequence (FSEQ) in V1 or V2 format? And what frame rate? The F16v3 can do 40 frames/sec but it reduces the number of pixels per output. If you manually set the frame rate in xLights higher or to something other than 40 fps or 20 fps, you'll have problems.
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Thank you so far for the responses. The controller will run in test mode all white solid and any color setting for hours no hiccups, so I don't think this is a power issue. When I do sequences, I always do 20fps. So, I don't think fps is an issue. It's really strange. seems like the network chip has some issue on the board because when I am in sequence mode, and I just put in a whole house effect and hit the light bulb to turn on lights it will run for about 10-15 seconds before freezing. all my other controllers stay running just fine.  the data line on the lcd will stop spinning however the indicator lights on the ethernet jack are still flashing. however, I cannot access the controller anymore via Lan till I reboot it. All the other controllers are still accessible. Keep in mind this issue just started everything was working fine. I have disconnected all the strands and tested them all with my strand tester that i got from Wally's lights and they all work fine.  :'(

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