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Started by deewhatley, January 06, 2022, 09:18:36 AM

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Hello all.  I have an f16v3 running my megatree (400 pixels per port, 20 ft. 360 degrees).  Currently my pixels are at a 2 inch spacing.  Next year I want to go to a 1 inch spacing.  Given that each strand of pixels is power injected at the ends and not being particular on brightness......... will the expansion boards handle the extra pixels?  Right now I'm thinking about adding 1 expansion board which would have 400 pixels per port on all 32 ports.  

Am I missing something here?  Thanks


You are a little light on information. How many total pixels are you using? with 400 per port at 16 ports you can run 6400 lights.

Have you checked out the Mega tree calculator?
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I have an expansion bird running@1,600 pixels with no problem
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From the manual "The Main Board and Expansion Boards share the 1024 pixels per port and the amount for each board is configurable from Web Page Interface (See Section"

So if you are only running the main board with 1 expansion board you would be able to have 512 pixels per port.
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Quote from: TNF250 on January 06, 2022, 04:33:40 PMSo if you are only running 1 expansion board you would be able to have 512 pixels per port.
It isn't necessarily a direct split, ports 1-16 are one bank (Bank A), and 17-32 is Bank B. The size of Bank A is set to the highest number of pixels that you have on any of the ports in that bank. So, if ports 1-15 each have 200 pixels on them but port 16 has 800 pixels, then Bank A is set at 800 pixels. That means that the size of Bank B cannot be higher than 224 pixels. So none of the ports 17-32 can have more than 224 pixels. But if every port 1-16 has 512 pixels per port, then yes, every port 17-32 can have 512 pixels as well.
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