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FPP6 colorlight connection

Started by frazmd, August 09, 2022, 08:37:32 PM

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I have upgraded several kulp boards and pi caps without issue to fpp6. However, I have a raspberry pi 4b that is connected to a colorlight card and then p5 matrix. It is a remote via wlan with direct connection thru eth0 to the colorlight card. All was working in fpp5 but have upgraded to fpp6 and eth0 is not connecting to the colorlight card. I first performed a fppos upgrade. It did not work so then did a fresh install image new sd card and same results. The nic still functions because I can connect to my network and get an ip address  thru ethernet with DHCP.  With colorlight card connected, there is no connection in top right banner as there was previously with 169.254.. ip address. Just the wlan connection to my network. The cat5 connector lights activate green and amber to show power connection.

I have tried resetting colorlight connection on LED PANELS page, enable/disable. Change to hat/cape and back to colorlight. Reboot, reboot, reboot. It just wont establish connection with colorlight card. Tested but also changed cat6 cable with no effect. 

Troubleshooting commands show no ip address on eth0, just mac address. ethtools shows a netlink error: Operation not permitted. Everything else appears ok with full duplex auto-negotiation, 1gig speed and says link detected. 

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks. Appreciate what you guys do!!


The new base OS (Bullseye) does networking differently than the old OS, so we might have to jump through a hoop or two.  I haven't tested my ColorLight card in a couple months, and I don't remember if that was on a new 2022-* OS image or an old v5.x image.

Can you try configuring a static IP on an unused network on eth0 and see if it will work then?  If not, I can try to test with my ColorLight and Pi tomorrow, I won't be able to get to it tonight.


OK. Wasn't exactly sure what you had in mind. But I configured a static IP ( not used ) on eth0 
And voila, it displays the test pattern. 
eth0 shows connection in the banner and the test pattern plays both from the display testing and the LED PANELS page.
I dont have any sequences loaded since I reformatted the sd card but I will try to configure and play one tomorrow. 
I didnt see that solution coming, but ...
Is this a long term solution? And I say that to show my ignorance of the network protocol going on in the colorlight network.


For now, that may be the solution until Dan can weigh in on the issue.  He is the one who knows the most about the networking changes in the new base OS.  It may be that it is a simple setting we need to apply, I'm not sure why the interface is not getting one of the DHCP fallback IPs when there is no DHCP server on that ColorLight interface.  On the network config page, did you turn on the DHCP server checkbox on the eth1 interface or is it still disabled?


No. The DHCP server remains disabled. 
Also, it plays fseq files without a problem.

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