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Why are my IP's for my Falcon Player?

Started by bjdj45, January 15, 2021, 11:18:10 PM

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I am watching the Rick Harris VCS Video of the 2020 FPP Install and it has been very helpful so far.

Now I have an issue that he (I don't think...although I have done this over several I may have forgotten) has not discussed.  

I followed the procedure he said about an ethernet cable from my Comcast Wifi Router to the FPP on my Raspberry PI4 and also to my Falcon F48. 

I did a discover in xLights and it found them both, but the IP addresses on xLights and FPP show the as the IP address.  I was expecting a 192.168.x something.  It also says eth0 next to the IP address.  So it is obviously connecting through the internet and my ISP?  But if they are on my home network, how does that happen? 

Confused.  Can I assume since xLights has found them, that they are working as I need them to?


Sounds like your home LAN is running  a10.x.y.z address.
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So does that mean I'm on the LAN?  And can I communicate to my controller through the BlackBerry PI from xLights if they both got discovered by xLights??

K-State Fan

That is just another range of public addresses (LAN) to to

There is another one 172 something but I do not remember it there might be others but the 192.168 and the 10 are the most common.


The 2 most common subnets in home networks are and, and I might not have made that clear, sorry, like K-State mentioned there are several other public IP addresses and is another fairly common one so looks like you are good to go!
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Comcast seems to always use addresses that start with 10.
Jim Nealand
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Quote from: K-State Fan on January 16, 2021, 05:30:52 AMThat is just another range of public addresses (LAN)
Quote from: Poporacer on January 16, 2021, 06:55:05 AMthere are several other public IP addresses and is another fairly common one

Slight correction in terms...
172.16.x.x thru 172.31.x.x

Those are all PRIVATE IP address ranges.  They are not "Public" addresses since nobody outside your network can get directly to them and many of us use the same address ranges in our homes (lots of us have IP address of for our gateway, but they obviously are not all the same system).  Your home network has a single "Public" IP address that is outside all of those ranges and is unique to you.  Your public IP is going to be different than everybody else's public IP.   Your home gateway (ISP router) translates all your private IP addresses into a single Public IP address.  If you don't know your public IP address, you can easily find it by going to

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