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Solved-Stupid Electrical Question

Started by JonD, June 28, 2023, 12:19:13 PM

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My 34 port Mega-tree was being feed from 4 different controller boxes.  I bought a new Bud box, and Falcon 16 port expansion card to consolidate everything into one box.  16+16+4=36Ports.  I have two 12 v Meanwell power supplies, one for the controller, and the other for the 16 port expansion, and smart receiver.   

Can I just use one AC cord to power both Meanwell power supplies?  Use jumper wires from one Meanwell AC port to the other?  If so, what gauge of wire do I need to use for the power cord? 


The size of wire is based on the load it is going to carry. Yes, you can use one cord to power both PS. If it is going to be less than 20 feet you could probably get away with 16 awg since you will probably not be maxing out both power supplies, but 14 would be better. As far as the jumper 16 awg is fine.
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I have multiple boxes setup with two meanwells jumped together from one AC input.  I don't spend any time calculating stuff since I do not highly load my ports, but I have seen many folks talk about how many controller cases with meanwells they daisy chain one after the other and it is usually 3 to 4 and sometimes more depending on the node totals.  I use 6 to 8 inch 12 ga stranded wires with spade terminals on each end with one each red, black and green.
Jim Nealand
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Thanks!  They sent a couple of 18ga power cords with the box.  It reminded me of the old LOR AC controllers with two cords.  Did not want to go back to two cords if I did not have to, but the 18ga looked a little thin.  I am sure I have 14ga laying around somewhere.

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