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No Wifi

Started by SeanSixeas, December 07, 2023, 08:08:56 AM

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So I set a K4-PB and K8-PB both up. I am having the same issue on both. no Wi-Fi connection and I am getting the sam2. error on the health check.
Gateway Check    Multiple default gateways were found!
Default Gateway () No default gateway found
To troubleshoot  I replaced both SD card's  Both wifi dongles. Changed from using  Raspberry Pi Imager to balenaEthcher.
So beyond doing all that I have no ides how to fix or troubleshoot it. Any suggestion or Idea what is wrong? 


looks like it is just a network config error.  I'm not the best one to answer that but you will need to post the following which will be a little bit of a problem since I believe you must have a minimum of 5 posts to put up attachments.

What is your player?
Pictures of your network setups for both units - wifi and eth0.

Since you will not be able to attach anything yet (its a spam issue) I would recommend you go to the zoom room.  raise your hand and post in chat that you have a network config issue.  Post the resolution back here for future readers to learn from.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5

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Have you looked at the manual?

Towards the end of the manual there is a section on different network setup with examples.


I have Vlan set up for my show. I know the problem isn't that because my show is fine.
I am thinking its a bug with firmware.

IP Address Interface Name does not show for the K4. 
      Wan01 I ger Wifi for 10 seconds and lose it.





One issue that you have is that you have both interfaces on the same subnet.  If you are creating a VLan on this network, perhaps you should also set your subnet mask to reflect that otherwise, FPP will not know which interface to use for that network and will default to the Ethernet interface which may be why your WIFI seems to disappear after a few seconds. 


Quote from: SeanSixeas on December 07, 2023, 10:39:39 AMI am thinking its a bug with firmware.
More than likely not a bug in the firmware, more than likely a configuration issue. Post a screenshot of both interfaces an each controller (Please post a screenshot and not a picture of the screen, pictures are hard to see and usually cuts off the information we need to see)

Where did you get the Wi-Fi adapters? 
If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


2 are from Kulp lights. EDUP 1200AC Nano 2 Are from amazon both EDUP. I same ones working on 2 of the other 4 kulp controllers I have.
Just did a fresh Installation on K8PB. Now its working. Still have the issue on K4. The picture of the wifi adapter is the on currently workings in K8-PB


I'm having same issue on my k16A-B board from kulp! No network found. Setup fpp just fine with wlan rebooted just fine in fpp. Put BBB in kulp board and nothing. I did look at my about and found out the BBB is booting to the old Damian o/s system. I think that's how it's spelled...don't know how to fix... what's the zoom room and how do I get to it???

"Zoom meeting" room right side.


Support FPP

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