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FPP (Uninteruptable Power Supplies)

Started by gizmohd, November 15, 2016, 06:17:09 AM

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So last night before shutting down my testing, the neighborhood had a blip.. (someone ran into a power pole).  Lights were not down for more than a second... really just a blip... but it was enough to cause the USB drives to get corrupted on all my PI's... *sigh*... So I got to thinking, I have a UPS for my desktop computer, why not for my Pi's?

I looked in my drawer and found a couple of the kids' portable chargers for their phones and immediately put them back down... No way in heck am i putting a flaming hot pink battery stick on my display... lol... so what if nobody would notice it but me!...  In all seriousness they were just too small for my I hopped on Amazon and found this:

16,100 mAh... I did the math and theoretically  (using these calculations I can get 45 hours use from  a RPi 3 (250 mAh consumption)

Yes, there was a smaller 10,000mAh battery for $6 less.. but i wanted the reserve capacity....  this solves a couple issues for me now...  I can shut down the power to my main elements during the day (after show hours) without fearing or really even worrying about corrupting the Pi's.


I have two of these.

They are only a few dollars more than the one you listed but have more capacity and a built in led light!
I'm very happy with the quality of these.
Chuck P
Still Learning...💡


According to one Amazon review, the first Amazon Basics item linked to does not support passthrough charging, meaning that it won't work when plugged into the wall and the Pi, you're either charging or you are powering the Pi, not both.  There are others on Amazon that support passthrough mode which is required to use one of these as a UPS.


well crap... will have to send these back in then... :(

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