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random? loss of connectivity

Started by Psymon, December 13, 2022, 08:07:27 AM

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Greetings. I'm hoping someone can assist with a connectivity issue I'm having. I have a RPI3B+ (player) & BBB (remote), both running FPP v6.2.  The BBB will randomly lose connectivity. I have to reboot it to regain access to the web GUI. Sometimes it will go 15 minutes before this happens... sometimes it will go 15 seconds.  Maybe the best question is what should my settings look like on both the RPI & BBB to get my P10 panels to play nice? multicast vs unicast, active vs not, enable output vs not... there are so many combinations between the 2 controllers. Does anyone have a working setup similar to mine that is willing to share your settings? I have wireless connectivity to the RPI, then a wired connection to a switch that feeds the BBB & F16v3. I'm happy to provide any details or screenshots to assist with a resolution. Thanks, in advance, for your time/help.


Yes, please post screen captures of at least your network page for both the Pi and the BBB, and the panel outputs page on the BBB.  Also a simple sketch of your network layout including the PC you are trying to use to communicate, and include IP addresses.
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While I don't see anything obviously wrong, since all the outputs to the BBB ( are E1.31, you can make it a single E1.31 entry (universe count of 18) or better yet, have the Pi output DDP to the BBB.

Make sure you aren't sending anything back to the Pi from the BBB. That can cause a lot of problems. The only Outputs that would normally be defined on a BBB / Octoscroller would be to LED Panels, nothing else.

If you F16v3 is updated to firmware 2.59, it can happily receive DDP also.
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Kensington Graves

When do you lose connectivity?  During the show or while idle?  E1.31 to panels pushes a TON of data down the pipe and every device has limits.  During a show, I won't be able to reliably login to most of my remote FPPs from a wireless connection, and when I do reach them, the UI is slow.  I don't even bother trying to wirelessly connect to the remote RPi4 that runs my big matrix (1.2 million channels) during a show unless it's not running a video or sequence.  Same with multiple BBB remote devices scattered around in other locations.


it has been discussed here. Wifi losing connection. I had to hard wire my BBB for now...


@JonB256 - Thank you. Are you saying I should uncheck the box at the top left of the BBB attachment?

@KensingtonGraves - The loss of connectivity only occurs during the show. But it's more than just not being able to access the GUI, the panels show a few yellow horizontal lines instead of the "TUNE TO ... " and I have to do a reboot the BBB to get it back to normal.

@Duramadmax - My BBB is wired (at least to the RPI3B+). Do you think if I downgrade to 4.XX (on both) it will fix it?

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