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Error- Cannot Ping e1.31 Channel Data Target

Started by MichaelnotMike, December 05, 2022, 05:25:30 PM

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Cannot Ping e1.31 Channel Data Target Is the message I'm getting in FPP.  I'm running version 5.5 on a RPI 3 B.  I reach the RPI/FPP via WiFi - my home network.  FPP is connected to an F16V3 via Ethernet.  I've used this setup for the past 3 years without problem.

I can reach the FPP just fine. Using the proxy access, I can reach the F16V3.  Test mode on the F16 works on every port.

Attached are: the error message, the FPP Output settings, the F16 e1.31 settings and the F16  port settings. The last two are cut off at the bottom because I'm on my tablet.

I cannot get any output.  I used xLights to upload the output settings.

What other info or screenshots would be helpful in diagnosing this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Looks like you're missing a Unicast Address on the E1.31 output page.



Looks like it should be the address of the device I'm sending data to -  I ran a quick search on the manual and remembered the F16 address by looking at the proxy settings. 

I thank you for the quick help. I'll fix this and let you know what happens. 



Quote from: MichaelnotMike on December 05, 2022, 05:25:30 PMI cannot get any output.  I used xLights to upload the output settings.
Based on your screenshots, you did not upload from xLights or you have xLights configured incorrectly

xLights will normally only upload the Universes you are using,
    In your screenshot your controller is showing that it is configured for Universes 1 to at least 22 when in reality you are only using Universes 12-20

xLights will normally configure one Output line per controller AND will configure the correct Unicast address
    In your screenshot, your FPP is configured for 16 lines of Universes and should only be one line and it doesn't include all of the Universes that your controller needs.
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