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FPP6 Using a licence key on a custom bin

Started by OliverG, June 08, 2022, 04:32:20 AM

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I have a few of Alan's (Hanson Electronics) HE123 BBB Capes and just received my License Keys. 

I have decided to create my own virtual eeprom (HE123-eeprom.bin) because I'm OCD and don't like the RGBCAPE123 port groupings. I used Adam's Eeprom Generator plugin and FPP6 seems to recognise it and pixels light up fine. 
1. Will I be able to use the keys to sign the eeprom or will it throw an error as it is custom.
2. If I need to recreate the virtual eeprom can I re-sign it with the same keys (as long as it stays on the same BBB)



You should be able to use the key to sign the custom EEPROM you generated.  I haven't tested signing with an EEPROM generated with Adam's plugin, but I don't know of any issues there would be.  If you run into a problem, let me know and I can look into it.  If it comes to that, put the .bin file up somewhere and PM me the URL and I can download and test.

Yes, you can resign on the same BBB, that shouldn't cause an issue.  I've been doing the same thing on a Pi during testing.

You could also use the new "generateEEPROM" script in /opt/fpp/scripts if you want to do it from the command line.  That is what I have used to generate all the Pi virtual EEPROMs in git.  I am working on adding a sample/template directory to the git repo which will make it easier to see what needs to be done to generate an EEPROM, but it sounds like you are a bit past that need already. :)  If you use the generateEEPROM script, you don't have to package up the zip/tar package inside the EEPROM, the script will handle that for you.


Awesome Thanks, I will try the script as the way I did it was a painful and clunky as I had to work out the file structure and gzip/tar and after a dozen tries I'm not sure I remember which combination worked.  ;D


OliverG, Are you able to sing the HE123 with custom bin successfully, Please share steps I have HE123 MK I cannot update the license key. 


I have a HE123-Mk2 that I have generated an EEPROM for.  I need to do a bit more testing and then can put the EEPROM in FPP's EEPROM list which will make it installable directly from the FPP v6 Cape Info screen.

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