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Configuration Check

Started by schbrownie, December 09, 2022, 09:42:05 AM

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Hi Everyone,

*  Is this a valid configuration?  
*  Can the F16v4 in the main control box also be the player for the show... or do I need a separate controller to be the master for the show?  
     *  If a separate controller isn't needed now, at what point would one be needed?
     *  If a separate controller is needed... should I use a raspberry i, an additional Falcon board (F16 or F48?) or something else? 
*  Any final tips or things to watch out for?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

Please see the images below.  They contain:

    *  Main Control Box (in garage)
          * F16V4
          * 2 x Expansion Boards
    *  Remotely Located Box  (left side of driveway)
          * F16V4
          * 2 x Expansion Boards
    *  Remotely Located Box  (right side of driveway)
          * F16V4
          * 2 x Expansion Boards
   (everything will be 12V)

[see image 1]

One follow-up question... can you daisy-chain the controllers? (see image below)

[see image 2]


Neither are correct
Chain the Network Ports (top 2 on the board) or put a switch between them using the same network ports (preferred).


Thanks for the quick response!

Updated configuration images attached.  Would both of these work?

[see image 3 & 4]

note:  i realize that for configuration 4 a switch wouldn't be necessary... it's more about futre expansion in case I wanted to add a remote control box 3 & 4 (with box 3 connected to the switch in port a and then port b is used to daisy chain out to remote box 4)


Both of those will work, but one concern is so many local ports in one control box. What are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to control something like a 65' mega tree? 
That is a lot of ports in one location and typically will require multiple power supplies and makes the wiring get pretty messy. There might be some better alternatives if we know more about what you are trying to do.
If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


I would go with option 3 but connect your home network directly to the switch rather than to one of the ports on the main control box.  This will let the switch block any of that show data from getting on to your home network while still letting you access the 3 F48's and letting them communicate with each other.  I am also wondering why you have so many ports in each location.  The F48 is a player/controller so you don't need a separate controller to run a basic show but its capabilities are limited.  FPP has so many more capabilities and functions than the F48, that it really is the best way to go.  The only issue is that right now, the PI is a bit difficult to get and expensive when you do find one.  If you already have one, then load up FPP on it and go with that as your controller otherwise, the F48 can run the show on its own but with limited scheduling capabilities.    

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