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Title: Owners / Set-Up Manual V1.1 for the Afterburner V1 (Revised 11/12/2015)
Post by: corey872 on November 11, 2015, 01:25:55 PM


Demonstration Video


What it is / What it does

Afterburner is designed as a simple 'drop in' kit to upgrade Falcon F8 / F16 boards to MOSFET drive technology like that used in the uSC - Micro String Controllers.  This will boost the Falcon FXX to Node distance from 20-30 feet to 50-60 feet or more.

The kit is a simple hardware board requiring no programming, no setting changes, no PIC processors, etc.  One Afterburner kit would upgrade a block of 8 channels - ie one kit for Falcon F8, one or two kits for Falcon F16.  You can run the Falcon F16 output 'split' if desired (ie one side using the original op-amp output for local node strings, one side with the Afterburner for more remotely located strings) without diminishing the performance of either side.  If you wish to boost less than an 8 channel block, the uAmp signal conditioner/amplifier would be one option.

Introductory / Discussion Thread

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