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PiSugar auto-on & RTC

Started by merp, June 22, 2022, 02:36:16 AM

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I have a PiSugar 3 (paired with RPi Zero 2 W running FPP) which includes a built-in RTC.

Is it possible to get FPP to sync from this RTC? How hard is it to add support for a new RTC?

Is it possible to get FPP to automatically play a specific background sequence on start? So it should have this on repeat starting at system startup, until I start the actual sequence I want. (then once that sequence finishes, it should return to background) I'm thinking of putting up a social media handle or a test card, so I can see at a quick glance that everything has powered on and works.


For the RTC, it's not "hard", but something that's obviously impossible for the developers to test without a device.  I don't see what kind of RTC is on the PiSugar3 or what it's i2c address is.   The PiSugar2 seems to use a SD3078 on 0x32.  If we assume they used the same for the PiSugar3.   Thus, if you could try running:  (as root)

echo "sd3078 0x32" > /sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-1/new_device

and then running "hwclock -r" to see if it can actually read the time, that would be great.   If so, the only two files needing update would be:


The second file there would just be adding a new entry GetOptions_RTC().    Likely using value 6.   The first file would just be adding a case for "6" which does the above echo.     It's fairly simple, but I'd like to verify that it uses the sd3078 on 0x32 first.  Also, the sd3078 supposedly supports a write protect setting.   I don't know if that's something that is enabled by default.   If so, there may need to be more work to figure out how to set time on the RTC. 

Daniel Kulp -

Support FPP

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