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INK1003 strips not playing nice with F16V4

Started by battle79, December 05, 2022, 03:13:41 AM

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Hi Everyone,

Hoping your all going well with your setups. I am wondering if anyone else has encountered problem when using a Falcon F16V4 to run INK1003 strip.

Previous year I had 16 INK1003 strips in 4 groups of 4 controlled off 4 outputs from a Pixlite4. Worked as expected last year.

Setup this year: 24 strips (bought 8 more) in 12 up/down pairs controlled off 12 outputs from Falcon V4. Added 8 strips and 6 of them have a different colour order (Red/Green flipped)

Problem 1)
No drama, just change in controller........... As soon as any of the flipped strips are changed in the controller to any other colour order, they start to randomly flicker and display random colours. Also, they affect some of the original strip from previous year and cause it to flicker also. Change it back and problem disappears. So I'm thinking I'll need to change colour order in xLights somehow for just the 6 strips that need it, just need to research how to do that.

Problem 2)
Ignoring my colour issues, I preceeded to try playing as few sequences. Basic effects with either few pixels on or all pixels on but limited color changes work perfectly, but anything with fast moving changes or everything on and more than a couple changes causes every strand to start to flicker and display random colors with a slight dominance to the colour it's meant to be.

Short of buying another Pixlite4 more the second half of the mega tree, has anyone encountered problems like this? Or has any ideas about either fault condition I'm seeing would be welcomed greatly. I'm starting to think that the timings for the INK1003 chips could be the issue, but I can't imagine that the two controllers would be that much different in the output they produce.

If your still here, thankyou for listening to my ramblings, and with any luck I can update you soon with amazing working Megatree.

Also special mention to Shane (Buzzdude) who came around and spend 5 hours today narrowing down the faults to the above two conditions.


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