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sending out an E1 31 signal

Started by grjmmr, May 22, 2019, 07:20:35 PM

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do you need a dongle/adapter connected to your computer to send out the E1 31 data signal? Or do you just configure your computer and send the data through a cat 5 and then the controller just sees it?

as always , thank you in advance



E1.31 is DMX over Ethernet so all you need it the standard Ethernet RJ45 connector from your computer.Some older E1.31 controllers required a crossover cable or a router/switch in the middle but generally most E1.31 boards these days can be connected directly from PC to board via a standard Cat5 or Cat6 patch cable.


alright; so I believe I have set up E1.31 correctly then. Do you have to configure the Falcon F16v3 to receive and decode the signal or will it do automatically? I have a test fixture, a 16*16 matrix of ws2812b leds, that I can activate under test mode. So I know the lights work correctly. I just can't activate them using either Jinx! or xlights.


You probably have a setting wrong somewhere. There are a few things that we need to know in order to help you.
It sounds like you want to use xlights to control an F16?
Are you going to use a Pi running FPP for a player?
How are you connecting your computer to the F16? Wi Fi? Through an FPP? Or directly through an Ethernet Cable
What is your home Router's IP address?

One thing that causes people problems is that all the players in the game, need to know what role they have. In other words, xLights needs to know what models you are going to control, how many pixels are in the model, what controller it is connected to, etc. Then your controller needs to know what data it is expecting to receive (e1.31 data), what ports are responsible for what lights, etc. Many people have more than one controller so each controller needs to know what data it needs to process. It seems like a lot to understand, but it really isn't once you understand it.

Send us a screenshot of your
xLights Setup page
xlights Layout page with your matrix selected
F16 Network Configuration screen
F16 E1.31/Artnet screen
F16 String Port screen

If you setup xLights completely, you can use it to upload all of your controller configurations to save some headaches!
Send us the response to the questions and screenshots requested and we should be able to get you up and running in no time!
If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


actually I want to use Jinx! as my control software, which is currently loaded on my laptop. The reasoning is, it works like a DJ board and for ease of use during a gig it would be easy for me to switch between video/banners and lights shows. Plus my laptop has all the media on it for Jinx! to pull from.

I have taken my laptop off of the network and am using a cat 5 cable to interface directly with the F16; which my computer sees through a port scanner. This will be my normal setting; as I don't want a wireless connection when at a bar.

I am guessing based on your suggestions my problem lies within the

F16 Network Configuration Screen:  I am assume this is where IP of the F16 is loaded (
F16 E1.31/ Artnet Screen: Jinx! has the capability to see Artnet devices that are within the network but does not see the F16
F16 String Port screen

rather dumb question but when I received the F16v3 ready to run, I assumed I would get some sort of user manual but I didn't. So I am literally blindly trying to configure the unit. Is there a manual, so I don't have to be bothering everyone on the forum?


Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


thank you, when I get home work I will run through it and see where the problem is at.


I don't think anyone here knows about jinx so you might have to go to their support website to get help. But if you want to see if everything is working, I would suggest using xLights just to get things working and then you could mimic the settings in xLights in jinx and hopefully it works.
But there are a few things that you should be aware of.
1. Your player (jinx/xLights/FPP) needs to know what to send, what color/brightness and to which pixel. (Picture/marquis, etc.)
2. Your player needs to know what E1.31 networks it is going to send
3. Your player needs to know what IP address(es) it is sending data to.
4. Your network needs to be configured to allow communication between all of the devices.
5. Your F16 needs to have it's IP address configured
6. Your F16 needs to know what Universes it needs to "listen" to
7. Your F16 needs to know what ports your pixels are connected to and how the channels are mapped to those ports

It sounds like a lot, but it isn't that bad.
If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


Edit:  Sorry.  Had asked for the link to the sofware, but found it under
Sequencers: Vixen3 and xLights
Players: FPP and xSchedule Controllers:  Renards - SS24/SS16; E1.31 - San Devices E682 - Falcon F16, F4, F48 - J1Sys - DIYLEDExpress E1.31 Bridges.  Much more!

Support FPP

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