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4-String Differential SmartReceiver Board

Started by mmais68569, January 10, 2022, 06:45:16 AM

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I would like to use 2 of the 4-String Differential SmartReceiver Board connected to a F16v3. The First Smart receiver will be connected to a Matrix with 6 strings of 96 pixels (576) set up will be 2 strings of 96 connected to each other so will be 3 strings. Then I would like to connect to the first Smart receiver & use the second board to run 2 runs of 6 12: chrome flakes with 30 nodes per flake (360 pixels) third port will be a door frame with 82 nodes. 
 The website for the board says "The chain will share the allocated number of pixels configured for the port it is connected to." My question can I make this work the way I have stated?


The answer is... Maybe. 
Are you going to use an expansion board? What are the rest of the ports on the F16 controlling?
The F16 is split into banks and the pixel count for the bank is determined by the highest number of pixels on any port in that bank. If you are not using any expansion boards, then you only have one bank (ports 1-16) So every port can have 1024 pixels per port. If you add an expansion, now you have 2 banks, Bank A (ports 1-16) and Bank B (ports 17-32). You have to look at Bank A and see which port has the highest number of pixels and that is your pixel count for Bank A. Iif Ports 1-8 have 200 pixels on each port and Port 9 has 800 pixels, then the size of Bank A is 800 pixels. That means that no port on Bank B can have more than 224 pixels on it. The total of all the bank sizes is 1024 pixels.
Depending on how you are adding the Smart receivers can make it a little confusing as well. But a Differential receiver is just 4 ports and will be in whatever Bank you have it configured for. When you daisy chain the Receivers you are now splitting those same 4 ports into an A and B port. So you might have something like the first receiver will be ports 17A, 18A, 19A and 20A, the second receiver will be 17B, 18B, 19B, and 20B. The pixel count por port 17 is 17A + 17B, and so on.
So I think what you are saying in your case is Ports 17A, 18A, 19A will each have 192 pixels, then Ports 17B, and 18B will each have 180 pixels? That means that Ports 17 and 18 will have 372 pixels, so it will work, depending on what the rest of the board is doing.
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The highest pixel count on any port of the F16 is 48, with no expansion board.


Got 4 of the new v2.01 differential receivers,, but there is no information on how to set them up.  Termination switches are a given but what is the RS switch.  Is there a setting for controllers position in the chain?

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Quote from: Rgaskin on January 10, 2022, 01:54:28 PMGot 4 of the new v2.01 differential receivers,, but there is no information on how to set them up.  Termination switches are a given but what is the RS switch.  Is there a setting for controllers position in the chain?

I have not received mine yet so have not actually used any but does this document not show how?

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