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Stuck- 4 port smart receiver not recognized w F16v4+16 expansion

Started by wingrider, December 07, 2021, 02:10:03 AM

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[ possible dupe post ]

F16v4 (board 1.01, firmware build 12?) with 16 port expansion attached via ribbon.  system doesn't light the mini leds on the logic board of extra 4 port.

tl;dr- can't get 4 leds to stay on on 4 port smart expander.

I can configure the main board as 16+16 and basic tests work, but the 4 port smart expander isn't being recognized (4 leds lit on smart board.) i set the 4 port to A, and toggled the 4 terminator switches off to on and have tried to daisy chain 2 (set to A,B w termination) to what is in the manual, but no luck. I have even tried to reproduce this with a second main 1.01 board, 16pt expander, and second 4port smart receiver no luck.  

I have run the test mode successfully w pixels attached on the 4 port and swapped not only between the red receiver ports, but I have swapped rj45 cables.

I have tried most of the 16+16 drop down configurations offered, but have not tried matching exactly (2) 4 port receivers connected to both the 2 receiver on the main board rj45's at the same time.   Does the board function with a 16 port expansion board plus a single 4 port smart receiver or does it want two like the manual?

Yes I've toggled the terminator switches and set the roller switch from 0 (zero) to A.  

Any help appreciated.




try the xlights zoom room, troubleshooting via forums is too much effort these days for most people to bother.

K-State Fan

Some screen shots of your settings might help or as darylc said hop in the zoom room and ask for help.  There is almost always someone there that can help.


Thank you for the suggestions.  I'm not running xLights and this is at a board level. I'm not getting the web interface to see that the 4 port expansion board is there and the board itself isn't lighting up with the 4 green LEDs that would indicate a valid connection to the 4 port board from the F16v4.  

I'm not sure there are any shots to take except of what my 4 port looks like with no LEDs lit and the screen showing what my drop down choice was. 

I am happy to go to the xLights folks to seek help, but didn't think that was the route. 

Sort of bummed as this is a pretty basic issue. I'd think somebody would have a v4 and has connected a 4 port expansion to it here.


Btw- my ugly work around was to have to take out the 4 port and rebuild the whole box with the v4 and (2) 16 port expansion boards. I have all those other ports in there now going to waste, but at least I have a box that is working.   I still want to get this sorted tho as it's an incredible waste to use 2 16 port expansion boards like that.

K-State Fan

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