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Moving Head

Started by ericg2000, December 28, 2021, 10:00:23 AM

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can i control a moving head with the DMX output from a PiCap?  my F16v3 and F48 are still outside for my christmas show, so they are not available right now.  I picked up a mini moving head just to play with.  I have FPP 5.4, DMX output turned on, DMX jumpers in place, configured xlights made an animation and nothin happens.  Granted it could be a number of things, i just want to know if the PiCap can control the head or not.  if so then i will keep messing with it, if not, then i will wait until i take my show dow and use the F16.  thanks


Yes it will work. DMX-512 is a standard for lighting systems every concert or show you go to use a version of it. The problem is there is no standard after that for lighting different manufactures use different channel for different thing one may use channel 1 for red the other uses it for shutter. Make sure your wiring is correct pin 1 from controller RJ-45 (orange/white) is plus that goes to pin1 on the 3 pin XLR and pin 2 (orange) to pin 3 of XLR and Pin 8 to pin 3 of XLR.

How are you programming the rPi xlights or other. If using xlights they have in the DMX list moving head, you should be able to set it up as you change values in xlights it will move the head.
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Quote from: ericg2000 on December 28, 2021, 10:00:23 AMan i control a moving head with the DMX output
What moving head did you get?


i have my channels in xlights set up per the sheet that came with the head.  i entered my channel info in FPP to match xlights.  i am using a XLR to rj-45 adaptor to connect between the head input and the serial port on the Picap.  

while in xlights, i created an animation and can control the model in the visualizer, but not the head itself when i "output to lights".  i have the head itself set to receive dmx data per the sheet.  

in xlights under "protocol" there is a dmx-pro and dmx-open, i am currently on dmx-pro.  is there any difference?

i got a U King mini head from amazon, just to play around with it.  i want to add heads in 2022, but i want to figure out first before making the investment.


Does your adapter say it is for DMX-512? They do make ones for audio that uses different pin out. Also use the DMX-open seams to be more stable.
Using K8-B, Rpi 3b w/PiHat, Rpi 3b+ w/ PiHat, K4-PB


the listing in amazon notes it can be used for stage lights and has pictures and verbiage stating it is usable for what i want to do. but the adaptor itself and the package does not say it.  maybe this is my problem, but sure.  

are adaptors reliable or is it better to make my own?


i got it!!  i changed to dmx open, uploaded to the fpp again and it works.  thanks for the help.

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