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new piCaps in the works?

Started by virgil1, May 22, 2022, 01:29:37 PM

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I was reading the post about the new FPP license, and I felt like it indicated there might new new piCaps in the works?  I might just be reading too much into it.  Anyone know when some more might be available?  I have a buddy that wants to get into it, and he has Raspberry Pis, but just needs the cap.  


The "new" PiCap will probably be one to support the full 24 outputs available using DPIPixels.
While there have been a few DIY builds for this, we are expecting one from
It should have the usual sets of fuses and Phoenix connectors used on other Falcon controllers.

I can verify that the OLD PiCaps (2 outputs) will not need any changes to run FPP 6.0 and support DPIPixels so that onboard sound works.

For example, I have been running a very small (same footprint as the actual RasPi) DPIPixel-24 board built by Don Julien. While it works great, some of the things it lacks don't make it "newbie" friendly. It also does not have an EEPROM that would support the new FPP 6.0 setup. To continue using it, I'll need to use the Virtual EEPROM option. This is all running in Master Branch since FPP 5.5 doesn't (and won't) support DPIPixels, not the 2-output or 24-output version.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user


David and I have been working together (he the hardware, me the software) on a 24-port Pi cape that will use the new DPIPixels Channel Output to support 24 strings of pixels on a Raspberry Pi.  We will post more when we have more details.

The current plan is to sell the 24-port cape through the new shop.  We have also been discussing a new version of the PiCap although we haven't finalized any details on that yet.  The new version would have an EEPROM, but we are discussing what other features and even how many string ports it might have since we aren't limited at 2 on the Pi any more.


Quote from: JonB256 on May 22, 2022, 08:45:50 PMTo continue using it, I'll need to use the Virtual EEPROM option.

Right now our plan for FPP v6 is that all string capes will either use a physical EEPROM or a virtual EEPROM.  We have been moving the JSON string cape config files into virtual EEPROMs and are doing a bunch of testing on that right now to make sure things are working as expected.


Has there been any new development/release of PiHats that utilize the DPI protocol?

I've checked a few sites (including and can't find anything yet.


I think a cape like controller that is not directly connected to the RPi would be a good hardware configuration.  I know this is nothing much different than say a standalone FxxV4 controller but using a gpio ribbon connection would free up a controller for ethernet ports for remote smart controllers. 

I am toying right now to move my cape off the RPi and sitting it by itself with standoffs and use a ribbon to connect back to the RPi.  I already power the RPi and cape separately so doing this configuration would allow a larger footprint to do more.


Quote from: Bwinter on September 17, 2022, 09:20:50 PMHas there been any new development/release of PiHats that utilize the DPI protocol?

I've checked a few sites (including and can't find anything yet.

So wasn't really sure when (or if) any new PiHats/Capes were going to come out for this season (that take advantage of the DPI protocol), so I went ahead and rolled my own (for use on PiZero as shown, or also any of the regular Pi).  I'll be making the extras available on my Tindie site.

You cannot view this attachment.


If anyone is interested, I have a few extra PiCaps (8-port) for sell on my tindie shop (along with a handful of other useful items):


Ordered two. I probably will just solder my RayWu pigtails to the board rather than order the terminal blocks. Will depend on spare parts I have on hand from earlier unfinished DIY projects. I've got a few Pi2B+ just gathering dust and this will get them back in business.
Long time Falcon, FPP and xLights user

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