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FPP6 Using a licence key on a custom bin

Started by OliverG, June 08, 2022, 04:32:20 AM

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I have a few of Alan's (Hanson Electronics) HE123 BBB Capes and just received my License Keys. 

I have decided to create my own virtual eeprom (HE123-eeprom.bin) because I'm OCD and don't like the RGBCAPE123 port groupings. I used Adam's Eeprom Generator plugin and FPP6 seems to recognise it and pixels light up fine. 
1. Will I be able to use the keys to sign the eeprom or will it throw an error as it is custom.
2. If I need to recreate the virtual eeprom can I re-sign it with the same keys (as long as it stays on the same BBB)



You should be able to use the key to sign the custom EEPROM you generated.  I haven't tested signing with an EEPROM generated with Adam's plugin, but I don't know of any issues there would be.  If you run into a problem, let me know and I can look into it.  If it comes to that, put the .bin file up somewhere and PM me the URL and I can download and test.

Yes, you can resign on the same BBB, that shouldn't cause an issue.  I've been doing the same thing on a Pi during testing.

You could also use the new "generateEEPROM" script in /opt/fpp/scripts if you want to do it from the command line.  That is what I have used to generate all the Pi virtual EEPROMs in git.  I am working on adding a sample/template directory to the git repo which will make it easier to see what needs to be done to generate an EEPROM, but it sounds like you are a bit past that need already. :)  If you use the generateEEPROM script, you don't have to package up the zip/tar package inside the EEPROM, the script will handle that for you.


Awesome Thanks, I will try the script as the way I did it was a painful and clunky as I had to work out the file structure and gzip/tar and after a dozen tries I'm not sure I remember which combination worked.  ;D


OliverG, Are you able to sing the HE123 with custom bin successfully, Please share steps I have HE123 MK I cannot update the license key. 


I have a HE123-Mk2 that I have generated an EEPROM for.  I need to do a bit more testing and then can put the EEPROM in FPP's EEPROM list which will make it installable directly from the FPP v6 Cape Info screen.


Quote from: CaptainMurdoch on July 19, 2022, 07:53:26 PMI have a HE123-Mk2 that I have generated an EEPROM for.  I need to do a bit more testing and then can put the EEPROM in FPP's EEPROM list which will make it installable directly from the FPP v6 Cape Info screen.
I don't see HE123 in the list of firmware on the latest (6.1) FPP.  Can you please point me to where I can get the file so I can sign my EEPROM?


Dennis the Menace


The process to get a he123 eeprom is to set a virtual eeprom to rgb123, save that, go to help/ cape info, go to eeprom upgrade, browse to the eeprom that you create using and then click upgrade.
I'm going to have to burn an image to all the he123 boards like I have to do on the rpi-mfc by the looks as the process is a complete shambles currently.

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