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PI2b+(??)+RenardSS24(flashed for DMX)=Show

Started by nerd4242, November 16, 2016, 02:51:38 PM

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Ok newbe here so dont beat me up to much. I have a pi2b with fpp installed and running and I have 3 renard ss24's flashed for DMX. I will be running regular xmas lights no leds for this year since Im new to this. I am very network savey as that is what I do.
My questions is this what do I need to connect the pi to the renards. I would think something that would output dmx from the pi.
The guy that I bought my renards from said they were flashed for dmx and he included a couple of custom cat5 cablel with a rj45 on one end and a network jack on the other. I havent really looked at the pinouts because i figured I would get some instight first.
I have read many posts both here and on DIY XMAS but havent really found my exact setup or at least it didnt sick out for me. I will be adding pixels next year and dumb leds next year. Thanks in advance for your help. Also please take me step for step in this process I catch on really fast so you wont have to break it down for a non techie person .



You have several options for getting DMX off the Pi:

- Use the "DMX-Pro" Channel Output with an Entec-Pro compatible USB dongle.  The DMX protocol is implemented in hardware on the dongle.
- Use the "DMX-Open" Channel Output with an Entec-Open compatible dongle.  This is essentially a 'dumb' USB to RS-485 dongle with a FTDI chipset.  The DMX protocol is implemented in software in FPP.
- Use the "DMX-Open" Channel Output with a Falcon PiCap which David may still have some available in the store.  The PiCap has a RJ45 jack on it which connects via the Pi's onboard serial port.  This is the same as the previous option but uses a real serial port rather than a USB serial port.

David and I talked about offering a trimmed down version of the PiCap which just has the RJ45 and RTC on it if there is interest in a version which does not have the Pixel outputs or voltage regulator on it.  It might not save much, but could be half the price and would still be preassembled.  I have a prototype version here which I have been using to test the DMX and Pixelnet Channel Outputs recently.


Could I use a e131 bridge and network everything. Can the Renards be networked?


If your Renard controllers have DMX firmware on them and you have/purchase an E1.31/DMX bridge then yes, you can use the E1.31 output on FPP to send data to your Renards via the E1.31 bridge.


The renards are setup with the dmx firmware. So all I have to do is setup my network hook the pi and e131 bridge to network and then hook renards up to bridge or those too can be plugged into network. Thats the part im confused about. The bridge has 4 dmx outputs so I assume each one of those would go to a renard or do I connect the renards into the network switch instead of the bridge? After that is there anything else I need to be aware of . I really appricate your time ...helping me here. IM using fpp on the pi and was going to use vixen as the sequencer unless you have a better idea. Also do you have a recommendation on e131 bridge. Most of places that are talked about on the forums are sold out. So I was going to buy one off of ebay .



The Renards will need to be plugged into a Bridge.  The RJ45 jack on the Renard is a serial connection, it is not Ethernet.  You may need adapter cables depending on which bridge you buy. 

You should be able to daisy-chain the Renard controllers, you don't need to have one per DMX output. DMX supports 30+ devices per chain which is well more than most home users need.

I will leave it up to others to comment on specific dedicated E1.31 bridges.  There is a 6-port DIY version that you can get for around $115 fully built or $75 in kit form, there are also some others.

If it were me, I would use a single USB dongle for DMX this year and then take the money saved and buy a next year F16v2 for pixel control.  That would give you a 16 or 32-string pixel controller with a built-in 4-universe DMX bridge and it is just a little over twice the price of your standalone 4-port E1.31 bridge.


ok you talked me into that. Which dongle should I get? I know nothing so it would be nice if you just tell me what exactly to buy as I dont know the pros or cons of the different choices you suggested.

thanks again


Quote from: nerd4242 on November 18, 2016, 10:34:44 AM
Captain did I lose u?

No, just extremely busy.  I just sent you a PM about this.

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