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Another LOR through Falcon Controller Question

Started by djohnson1810, October 10, 2018, 07:09:33 PM

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I am attempting to run my LOR unit off of the F16v3.  I thought it would be pretty simple as I have run other DMX props off of the Falcon before without issues.  My first step was to try and at least get the LOR hooked up to the Falcon and do a test with the Falcon's built in test mode.

I hooked up my LOR unit which in this case was ID 3 (I have tried multiple units)  and connected it to the serial output 3 of the Falcon controller.  That serial port has the jumpers configured for LOR.  I then noted that the red LED on the LOR went from blinking to a steady on.  Good so far, I have a connection.

I then made sure that I had the E131 tab set to correctly to show that we have a Universe 2 with 510 channels.  Since the LOR is ID 3, I know that this should be channels 33-48.  So I should be well covered.

Since I am using a serial string I didn't think the string port was relevant but here is the setup.  I am only using ports 9-16 for this Halloween.

Putting the Falcon into test mode everything blinks except for the LOR.  Dammit!  I tried with a different LOR unit.  No go.  I played around with the different serial ports putting them all on Universe 2.  I tried putting them all on Universe 1 even though LOR does not care about Universes (it just knows channels).

Out of desperation I put string port 1 (which has nothing plugged into it) as having 70 pixels and the LOR unit started blinking.  I changed the pixel count to 16 and started changed the start channel to 33.  It still worked but I began to notice that things were flaky.  One channel would blink faster than another and sometimes the lights would stay on even after exiting the test mode.  I changed the amount of pixels to 8 but all of the channels on the LOR would still blink.

Obviously I am wrong about one of my above assumptions.  This should be fairly simple.  I have not even got to setting up xLights or the FPP with the LOR yet.  Any ideas?

David Pitts

There is a bug in the test for serial. If the pixel strings do not use same universe as serial data the test does not generate the serial data. So either overlap serial by setting a pixel port (maybe port 1) to have same universe as your serial data.

I would just set up xlights or fpp and send the controller the universe the serial port is using. The LOR has already indicated it is receiving DMX so I think you are good to go and really do not need the serial test from controller. 
PixelController, LLC


Make sense why it was kind of working with the pixel port change.  I will give it a shot tomorrow.

Quote from: David Pitts on October 10, 2018, 07:26:03 PM
I would just set up xlights or fpp and send the controller the universe the serial port is using.
I will try that tomorrow.  To make sure I am sending it to the fpp correctly am I just making sure that there is a universe setup under the E131 tab that is the same as the universe I plan to send the LOR data over?  For example if I am sending the LOR data over universe 2 then I just need to make sure I designated a universe 2 on the FPP?  Or do I also need to setup a DMX universe in the other tab?

David Pitts

Only need to setup E131 on FPP to send universe. The other is to set up "other" outputs not needed.
PixelController, LLC

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