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New Hardware Projects / Re: Choosing P4 Panels / Color...
Last post by MikeKrebs - Today at 09:55:50 PM
This is not a commercial. I am a customer of wired watts, not a spokesperson. Go here:
or here if you want to do your thing

Build a kit similar to yours (first link). Look over the BOM and it will help. These are P5 not P4 but you can extrapolate.
What version of FPP is this? I don't see the images in the playing playlist in your screenshot.

Did you setup a pixel overlay model to display the images to and select that model when you created the playlist entries?
I will let others comment on the max they have driven on a single colorlight, I only have 30 p10 panels connected to mine, so I'm not stressing things.

The main thing I will point out is how FPP treats the panels.  FPP does its own layout of the panels and pixels.  When you setup the Channel Output in FPP, you will tell it where each panel is located in the matrix and what output number and panel number the panel is on the output.  FPP handles all orientation and layout of panels and it maps the channel data into the order and layout that the ColorLight card is expecting.  Attached is a copy of my layout to show the kinds of things this allows.  This is the Advanced panel layout UI, but most of this is supported by the simple UI.  I have the 30 panels on 4 outputs, so all outputs do not have the same number of panels.  I have some panels upside down and some turned on their side.  FPP sees this as a 292x64 "matrix", but there are holes in it because this single ColorLight is actually driving 3 matrices in 3 side-by-side windows.  The gaps are the window frames between the windows.  I might not use the odd panel layout if I were rebuilding, but it was what was easiest at the time.  The main point is to show that the specs on the ColorLight card only apply for how things are physically connected.  The panels don't have to be laid out in the manner that the ColorLight expects unless you plan on using a ColorLight sender card to drive the receiver.  If FPP is driving the receiver, then you can do all kinds of things.

FPP does the same amount of work whether you use 1 chain of 8 panels or 8 chains of 1 panel each.  The network traffic is lower if you use one output because on the network, one row of pixels equates to one (or more for wide displays) network packets.  The amount of traffic doesn't matter as much on our size displays.  The panel refresh can be quicker with shorter chains, so if your layout allows, I would use more outputs with fewer panels on each.
New Hardware Projects / Choosing P4 Panels / Colorligh...
Last post by clonida - Today at 11:52:00 AM
Hi there! 

I am about to buy and mount a small outdoor screen and I am totally overwhelmed by the number of variables involved. I would like to ask for your help on some concerns.

I am clear that the panels are going to be P4 but I am undecided

  • P4 64x32px (1/8)
  • P4 80x40px (1/10) 
  • P3.9 64x64 (1/16) 

I understand that the lower the scan the brighter, but All 3 models have different pixel densities and in the end they seems the same equivalent. I don't know which one to choose.

On the other hand, datasheet from Colorlight 5A 75 card, show this:

CardArea of every cardLink
A-75BFull-color: 256*256 PixelsLink
A-75EFull-color: 128*512 PixelsLink

Tanking into account that my screen will be something near to 320px x 120px , will I need 2 cards? A-75E seems to fit but not sure if that mean 128px only for width and 512px for height? , or can I alternate width and height?

Last but not least, I could have more panels than ports so in that case, whats difference between connecting each panel directly to an output port or use a daisy chain between panels? (see attach)

You cannot view this attachment.

Any help is welcome, thank you in advance.
Falcon Player (FPP) / Problem with images in playlis...
Last post by Markr90 - Today at 11:30:06 AM
Good afternoon,

Ive installed FPP yesterday on a raspberry 4b, so far so good, and i can play a media file (video) from the GPIO. (they're on the TV, connected by HDMI)
But i've also made a playlist, with images to play when i press a button.

The playlist is also playing, as i can see on the status page.

But there is nothing on the screen (HDMI).

Can someone tell me what might be the problem? Ive read the manual, but cant find anything there.


xLights / Re: strang text behavior with...
Last post by Poporacer - Today at 07:14:11 AM
Have you tried changing the font size?
xLights / Re: strang text behavior with...
Last post by e.oelberg - Today at 05:35:53 AM
nobody has an idea ?
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Struggling with media play...
Last post by MichaelD - February 27, 2024, 03:40:10 AM
Hi Chris, 
Thanks for picking up this thread again. I'll send the video file via DM but the problem seems to be the same regardless of the file. If there's a test video file available that definitely works on your set up, please feel free to send it over so I can try it out and see whether there are any differences with mine.
Thanks, speak soon, 
Falcon Player (FPP) / Re: Struggling with media play...
Last post by CaptainMurdoch - February 26, 2024, 01:30:42 PM
Sorry, threads get lost sometimes.  Is this video file something you can put somewhere and send us the link so we can try to reproduce the problem ourselves?  You don't have to post the URL, a direct message is fine.
xLights / strang text behavior with all...
Last post by e.oelberg - February 26, 2024, 11:35:54 AM
I have three matrixes 12 x 60. I build a model of all of them 36 x 60.

strangely the text  in the all model is not readable small and just in the middle of the panel.

if I use the same text on 1,2,or three it looks like it should 12 point...

what am I doing wrong ?


Support FPP

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