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Brand New Display - here's my budget and planning

Started by armonde, February 25, 2020, 06:14:15 PM

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I see you have $200 for miscellaneous other items...just curious but have you included shipping on all your lines where it may apply?  You may be surprised with that many different items how much shipping you will end up paying.  I also didn't see any tools costs so assuming you have all the various tools you may need.  Just my 2 cents worth.
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This is just my opinion/suggestion/viewpoint.  Others with other viewpoints/experiences may have different advice.  I am a hobbyist with a couple years real world experience, not an expert.


No I don't have shipping costs included in those lines, mostly so the wife didn't freak out even more :)

The miscellaneous was for smaller items/consumables that I didn't feel like typing out.

I have most of the tools I think I'll need and if not will acquire those locally.

I'm really going back and forth on the F48 vs the F16v3.  I can acquire cat6 cheaper than long 18/4 runs so it almost makes more sense to just get smart receivers close to the props and power there.

I'm also starting to look into server powersupply mods instead of Meanwell converters to save some costs as well as some other options


Are you planning a bunch of injections or is the 18/4 wire for extensions?  You will want some type of in line fuse for the injections if you do it. You will need extensions for sure and it's way easier and not much more to just buy them with the xconnects already attached. Bought at the right place they are basically the same price as making your own.  You should also add an inline fuse for the F16. Do you have power wire on the list for the f16 and the receivers?  If you go the F48 route, you might want just a small power supply since it doesn't pull much.  You could look at ammo boxes or something else depending upon the location for the receivers to save some money.   

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Oh and draw your layout with rough dimensions and we can help with the F16 or F48 decision.

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I don't have full dimensions, just rough estimates due to weather.

Plan is to mount the main controller in the garage with the fm transmitter and run the cabling under the door.

12v pixels throughout.

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I know I'll need powerinjection along the roof lines, those will come from the box on the first floor roof is the plan

I have a 500' roll of 18/4 cable on the list. Since I wasn't sure of injection points or true cable needs I figured I'd have to make my own pigtails.

That leads to a followup question.  Originally I was looking at 18/3 and someone on recommended the 18/4 for power injection purposes but I haven't been able to figure out how/why.

Can you help clarify?


I think you might run into problems sending the signal from you garage to the front by the street. Looks to be more than 30ft. F-Amps can help with this.

If you used a differential system you could send a cat5 with power out to a differential box. Or use several Pi caps in ammo cases, with a 350w power supply and extra pigtails out for power injection. One could run all of your lights by the street, with each prop daisy chained out one the two strings. If you run at 15%-20% power, one power supply could run what looks to be about 700 lights.

On the house it looks like about 200 for the top roof, 150 for the lower, 100-50 for each column. You could run one more box or differential  for those elements.
Good luck it looks good.You cannot view this attachment.

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