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Renard Plus 32 & FPP?

Started by XmasLightGuy, February 26, 2017, 06:37:13 PM

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Hello all, I have some questions getting Renard/FPP working/talking to each other. (which so far no luck)
First, for hardware I have the following:
Renard Plus 32 controller (2 actually, but only 1 is setup, the other I'm not quite done with)
A USB-RS485 Dongle
A Pi B+ running FPP (I let it upgrade to v1.9 Friday)

As far as I know the Renard works (I've followed the instructions for programming its IC & everything said it was successful there. I get a power LED & blinking status LED)

I believe I am doing things right, but I'm not sure 'it' is working as it should..
I log into the Pi/FPP,
then select "Input/Output Setup" -> "Channel Outputs"
then scroll down to "Other Outputs"
On my main computer (older desktop with Windows/FireFox) if I click "Add" *nothing* happens -- I'm assuming this is a bug in its 'website' that prevents FPP from working with some FireFox's?
On my laptop (still Windows,  but newer, and PaleMoon(a FireFox variant)browser)  "Add" works giving a line to select a type... fo for the rest of this we'll go with thelaptop.
I select 'Renard', click "Active" put "Start Ch" as 1 (or should this be 0?), "Channel Count" to 32, "Port" to ttyUSB0, "Speed" I leave at 57600, and 8N1.
then I click "Save", it says it saves, but I'm not sure it actually does?
it says restart required so I click "Restart FPPD", here too it says FPPD restarted & the restart required line disappears.

Next I go to "Status/Control" -> "Display Testing"
Then set start channel to 1, end channel to 32 (and everything else as default)
then click "Enable Test Mode" and.... nothing
Should I atleast get something?
Anything on the Pi like a flashing green?
A RX/TX on the Renard?

If I go back to "Input/Output Setup" -> "Channel Outputs"
what I added there is gone  :o
shouldn't it save?

Anyone have any ideas? or maybe this is answered somewhere already?


I'm not sure about the FPP configuration side of things but confirm that you have the right pins in use on the data lines. The 2 common usb-485 dongles are the LOR one and the more common ESTA dmx one. Both of these use different data pins to what Renard does.
See for pins that are used for the 3 types.


Thanks AAH,

I'm not sure what type of  USB - 485 dongle mine is (I just assumed they were a standardized thing :o )
I don't know how to tell or even test for it, but its same as this one:

Once/if I can figure it out, seeing the diagrams on your link I should be able to make an adapter easy enough, if needed ..


That will be a standard usb-485 with ESTA pins in use. You'll just need to make up a crossover from ESTA to Renard.


I use a couple of Renard Plus 32 controllers but I programmed mine for DMX. I believe the pins are number 4 and 5 that they use and the data + and - is reversed from Lor if that helps. It also depends on which Jack you plug into as well J1 RX. When you have a good data signal the rx/tx LED will flash rapidly almost looking solid.


Thanks guys. Looks like before further testing I have a simple little 'project' to build this weekend :lol: (or maybe even just some evening)


Making that little crossover/adapter did the trick as far as communication goes :)
I got lights using FPP's test mode. :)

The other issues I have with FPP are something that can wait for later .lol.


Excellent :)
Quote from: XmasLightGuy on March 04, 2017, 09:50:06 PM
Making that little crossover/adapter did the trick as far as communication goes :)
I got lights using FPP's test mode. :)

The other issues I have with FPP are something that can wait for later .lol.

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