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Beagle Board x36 networking issues.

Started by Hsteak2022, August 18, 2022, 10:50:09 AM

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I have 36 Beagle Boards chained together via 36 switches in the IP address range of At the player is a bridged Ubiquiti antenna that acts like an ethernet to wifi switch so I can connect to to the controllers. Controller .101 is the Player, the other 35 are remotes.

The problem I'm having is that when I boot the system two random beagles will be Unreachable via the Multisync and won't play anything. It changes which two every time I cycle power but it is almost always two of them. 

What could be causing this problem? Thank you.


I cannot wait to see the answer for this one!


Are the systems accessible over the network (ie, is it a network level issue) or are they just not showing up in the FPP MultiSync screen?


They are lost via the network when the multisync can't see them. However, they are still accessible with USB connection.



If you can get to them over their USB connection, can you look at the syslog and messages log files in the FPP File Manager and see if there are any networking related log entries?  If you can't get to them over the normal WiFi network, it sounds like they are going AWOL, but the question would then be "why?"


Are they all using the network adapter? When I went to 6 one of mine stopped working, changed to a different one now works fine.
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I have a question about "when I boot the system"... are you referring to the network gear and the beagles all booting up at the same time?.. like using a power switch to turn on and off power?  If some of this is true, I would certainly start the network gear first and ensure it is all booted and running, then boot up the devices (beagles).  It may be possible that a couple beagles are booting to the network load faster than the switch(es) are up and ready for them?  Also you states 36 switches???s that true?  why so many switches? that seems a little off.  You mentioned "at the player is a Ubiquiti..." you mean it is plugged into the beagle of the player, or plugged into the switch?  I presume you are using that bridge to bridge from your wifi to the network switch to "extend the network"?  
--Ron A.


You said that the remotes are all communicating via WiFi.  What is the limit on WiFi connections for the WiFi access point?  All APs have a finite limit to the number of connected devices.  Most consumer grade APs are in the couple dozen devices range.
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As I read this, the problem was that you are using the Industrial BBB boards? If so, that would have been good info in the original post. Because of their price, not many folks here have used them.
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I don't use the industrial one. The problem was, on certain revisions of the Beagle Board there are two capacitors on the reset node that mess with the ethernet connection. C24 and C30. They seem to have fixed it in later revisions by removing one of them from the reset node.


What revisions were you using?  I'd like to look into this 
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Quote from: fauxton on September 05, 2022, 10:53:22 AMWhat revisions were you using?  I'd like to look into this
REV C. seems to have the problem. REV C1. has one capacitor removed, which seems to fix it.

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