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xLights Preview not refreshing

Started by sdhin001, July 01, 2024, 09:04:49 PM

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Hello, I am having an issue with xLights that I am not sure how to describe.

Last year I created a layout and sequence and it is working fine.
For this year, I modified the layout just slightly and changed a model from 10 nodes to 5.

In the sequence editing and House Preview, it shows 5 nodes but the effect rolls node 6-10 to the next model.

Last year, model 1 had 10 nodes and is red(R), model 2 had 10 nodes and is blue(B).
This year, Model 1 has 5 nodes and is red, model 2 is unchanged and has 10 nodes.

Last year:
Issue happening with this year:
Desired outcome is:

The house preview does not update _UNTIL_ I click on each effect, and then it is suddenly fixed.
Is this an issue for anyone else, and is there a way to batch fix this rather than individually click each effect to refresh it?
I thought maybe this would just be an issue just for the preview, but no, it does not refresh for the FSEQ file either. Only after clicking the effect to refresh.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Did you render the sequence and save it after the change?  Any time you change node counts you need render the sequence again. 

I have had a few issues when I have rendered changes and they did not play right afterward, but after rendering the second time they played fine again.  Nothing I can recreate though.

I have had this happen after batch rendering all my sequences as well.  I just render the ones that are not working again and that appears to resolve the issue.


That works!!!
I had no idea that was necessary. I would always just save the file and close the app.

So when I do the batch render option, it closes out the sequence. Does it autosave as well? I would assume so.

Thanks so much.


I was thinking it rendered when you saved on exit, but I guess I am not certain.  If you make changes to the node count while the sequence is open, you need to re-render after, or it will not play right.

If you are using DDP, adding/removing lights will change the controller data as well.  You will likely have to update all your controller configurations and re-render all your sequences (not just the sequence you are working on) after any node count changes.


Quote from: sdhin001 on July 02, 2024, 01:58:34 PMSo when I do the batch render option, it closes out the sequence. Does it autosave as well?
It saves the .fseq file. 
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