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Title: 8' pixel arch wagon wheel
Post by: Cowboydanny on December 02, 2021, 11:48:26 AM
so this is our current sequence that is running on our arches. They are in a wagon wheel pattern. We keep messing with their sequencing. Does anyone have any suggestions for effects to try on them in flights? These were the Halloween colors so we have now changes them to Christmas colors so they look more candy cane like. The ending needs some time adjustments but I was trying to make it look like they were speeding up going faster and faster and faster and then had them explode into particles and fade out. So I'll keep playing with that.

In xlights they are 8 arches in a group. Some effects are set to the arches individually some at set to the group. I would like to add a spiral pattern but it didn't work well. I am also adding a tree to the center of these arches this weekend. And then we will program it so the arches jump to the center and then start lighting up the tree.
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