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wifi issues on BBB running fpp v6.3

Started by bert-nc, January 27, 2023, 05:39:35 PM

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I have been having issues with the wifi connection on my BBB. Bought a new BBB that came with fpp v6.3 loaded on sd card. Made multiple attempts to get the BBB to connect to my home network by wifi. 75% of the time it will not connect. When it does, once you shut fpp down it will not reconnect when restarted.
I can do a scan using xlights scanner and it finds it, but shows it to be off-line
Looking for suggestions, even if that is to reread install fpp.

Always appreciate any help offered



I have 7 FPP BB based controllers all connecting with Wi-Fi at different areas of my yard and house and don't have any issues. Would you happen to have some sort of Wi-Fi mesh system? I know there have been several people with Mesh system that have had similar issues and I believe it stems from the Wi-Fi devices don't handle roaming very well.
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I only have one router/connection point in my home network that i am trying to connect to.
Thought I had an idea as to what may be going on, however turned on the power to the BBB after breakfast this morning and it connected on first attempt.
:) / :o

Will continue on the this lighting adventure. Am hoping to put a small mega tree up this year. Lots to learn.



Wifi has decided not to connect to the network again.
I am not an IT person, so I will ask this question, even though it may be way off base.
We had to replace the old router at the house.
the wifi adapter was the one that I ordered when I got the first BBB last summer.
The new router is 5.0, no idea what the old one was. WE had it for a while.
Could that be causing my connection problems?
I may be way off base, but trying.




Possibly related.  Some multi-band routers will attempt to push traffic to one band or the other (generally towards 5 GHz).  That is fine if the client is multi-band.  The problem can be that the router tries to force single band devices to a band that they can't support.  Your adapter for the BBB is likely 2.4 GHz only.  Check your router settings to see if you can set up one or more SSIDs a single band.  For example at my house I have a IoT-2G (2.4 GHz only) and a IoT-5G (5 GHz only) SSIDs for my Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Granted, I have the advantage that I am running enterprise grade access points as opposed to consumer grade APs.
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