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Text inverted

Started by dreiman, December 05, 2022, 06:53:43 PM

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Have an Odd situation.

I have 8 mini trees. Everything works as expected during all of my sequences. However I made a sequence to display text with a count down on the trees, and the text is not only backwards but reversed. I can read it right if I look from the back of the trees.  I have everything wired how it is set up in my xlights, and nothing else exibits this. Animations go the right way. The correct trees display the correct things.

I have been messing with this for a bit. I tried reversing the wiring in xlights, it makes the letters read correctly on the front, but words are now backwards.

Anyone have an idea?

K8 with beagle bone bone Black running 126 pixels per tree. FPP version is 6.1.1-1-g92a09ffa, I can update, but with the show running correctly, I don't want to update yet, unless someone knows for sure that this particular version has something to do with it.



The other thing that happens is that, there is a count down text as well. The color of the count down text is set to green and non count dow. Text is red but all text renders as red so that's strange.

If I reverse the wiring the letters display the correct way but the words are backwards and the numbers are now green.

One way I can band aid it would be for just that sequence to reverse m wiring and put the text in backwards.. I'd much rather it work right.

Also I am displaying 1 letter on each tree. So with the wiring correct and I tell the letter A to be on the first tree on the left it shows up backward on the tree all the way on the right. But if I put an effect or color on the first tree to the left it shows up on the correct tree, and if it's anrotating effect it spends the right way.

So I am baffled.



What is this zoom zoom room? Just kinda hoping for some ideas on where to look as to why this is happening

jnealand and look for the Zoom room button.  Usually staffed 24/7 by very knowledgable volunteers.  Good place to connect to and just listen to other folks problems and solutions.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


Quote from: jnealand on December 06, 2022, 12:33:27 PMGood place to connect to and just listen to other folks problems and solutions.
Yeah, but it is usually staffed by the Peanut Gallery!
If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


Quote from: dreiman on December 05, 2022, 06:53:43 PMEverything works as expected during all of my sequences
It does?

Quote from: dreiman on December 05, 2022, 06:53:43 PMthe text is not only backwards but reversed.
So it doesn't work as expected? Didn't you just say everything was working correctly in all of your sequences?  
Or maybe I am being condescending? (yes I am in this case!)

Quote from: dreiman on December 05, 2022, 06:53:43 PMAnyone have an idea?
Yes, I am sure it is one of two issues, but I suspect that you really don't want help.

Quote from: dreiman on December 05, 2022, 06:53:43 PMI can update
For anyone that wants to help, don't mention the word Bug or you will be called "the Peanut Gallery"
If to err is human, I am more human than most people.


Check that your tree is oriented the way that you think it is.


Quote from: Geod on December 06, 2022, 02:28:37 PMCheck that your tree is oriented the way that you think it is.
I have 8 Trees.  They are across in a row next to each other. 4 trees on one channel, 4 on another.  The are connected to the center 2 trees. For the trees going from the center to the left, they start on the bottom right, and this is reflected in the xlights element properties. The trees that go from the other center tree to the right, start on the bottom left, and as well this is reflected in the element properties.  

The addresses start from the center and move out to the left, and then back to the center and move out to the right.

Tree A 1198-1575 -Tree B 820-1197 - Tree C 442-819 -  Tree D 64-441  |   Tree E 1576-1953 - Tree F 1954-2331 - Free G 1954-2331 - Tree H 2710-3087

The thing is this. If I display a galaxy on a tree, it plays on the tree expected. If the galaxy is set to spin CCW, it's spinning CCW.  Lets say I do this on the left most tree.

If I go and put a letter on the left most tree it shows up backwards on the right most tree. If I go and switch all the wiring settings for each element. Any that start bottom left, changed to bottom right and vice versa. The letter will now display non reversed, but will still be on the wrong tree. essentially on the mirror side.  

The only way I can see to fix  this would be to revers the wiring for each element, just for this sequence, and write the words backwards and it will show correctly.


I had the same problem with my mega tree - letters were facing backwards

I corrected the issue by changing the starting location from bottom right to bottom left in the model.   Don't know if that is your issue but give it a try.


Good, I did go and try swapping all of them around a d it indeed makes the letters forward but the words come out backwards. So it's still baffling.  I found a solution which is a band aid. I reversed the letters in layers and wrote everything backwards. It's only a 30 second clip and the only one. It will have to do. 

Thanks for the help

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