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F48V4-NS at 40 fps using all 48 pixel output ports?

Started by BirdingPix, February 05, 2023, 03:10:29 PM

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While I wait for my new F48V4-NS controller to arrive, I am re-designing my existing show from F16V3 and F16V2-R.

I am also changing everything to run the whole show at 40 fps and re-create all FSEQ sequences in xLights using 25 ms timing.   So far so good.

I can see from the latest PixelController Specifications spreadsheet (revision 2.1 Jan 2023) that to output pixel strings at 40 fps, my MAX number of pixels per any of the F48V4 ports is 704 pixels.  Fine.

I am adjusting my layout design to make sure the total pixel count of all the elements connected to any port do not exceed 704.

So when I multiply 48 ports x 704 pixels, I get 33,792.  Fine.  But that is 1024 pixels HIGHER than what the spec sheet for the F48V4 says is 32,768 pixels. ??

So can I run all 48 ports at the max pixel count?   It seems I don't think so...

Any help on understanding this would be much appreciated before before I design it all up on paper before re-configuring everything.   I don't expect to run ALL 48 ports at the 704 max pixel count... but I just want to make sure I understand this.

Thank you all so much.
(see attachment of F84V4 specs)


You have it right. The controller has a max pixel count of 32768, any one port has a max of 704 at 40FPS.


Quote from: BirdingPix on February 05, 2023, 03:10:29 PMI am also changing everything to run the whole show at 40 fps and re-create all FSEQ sequences in xLights using 25 ms timing
Is there a specific reason for this?
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