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Feature Request: An Alexa interface to the FPP?

Started by jklingert, April 04, 2017, 07:04:01 AM

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Quote from: CaptainMurdoch on January 17, 2020, 02:32:49 PMOther FPP fixes and enhancements took priority during December so I haven't put much time into it over the past month or so.  I do still have it running though and want to spend some more time in the off season and get the web service code added to FPP along with adding more commands.  Right now I have implemented or stubbed out intents for starting/stopping/listing effects, model on/off/fill, starting/stopping/listing playlists, turning repeat on/off (before starting a playlist), selecting a different FPP instance by hostname, volume up/down/set, querying what playlist is running, querying what song is playing, and querying the volume.  Most of those are hooked up, but a few still need some integration code.  I also still need to do research on possible options for making it multi-user and eliminating the need for manually creating a skill and setting up a SSL tunnel/proxy.
So, you are saying go ahead and order a controller and some lights you'll be done soon? :)


Hopefully @CaptainMurdoch you caught my jest here. I've got plenty to do. Just got my first rasb-pi, colorlight and two p5 panels in the house. I'm sure that'll take me plenty of time since I've only done AC and dumb RGB controllers in the past years of lighting.


Quote from: MichRX7 on January 21, 2020, 04:33:02 PMHopefully @CaptainMurdoch you caught my jest here. I've got plenty to do. Just got my first rasb-pi, colorlight and two p5 panels in the house. I'm sure that'll take me plenty of time since I've only done AC and dumb RGB controllers in the past years of lighting.

Yeah, It's ok.  Sorry for not replying, I think I saw this from my phone and didn't get a chance.  It's on my ToDo, along with the Viewer Control web site and plugin, and other FPP related stuff.  :)


Unless I am missing something elsewhere, this thread seems to have died. along with these:,12616.msg109546.html#msg109546,10737.msg97113.html#msg97113,10109.msg91601.html#msg91601

 @CaptainMurdoch , any update on progress with Alexa / Smarthings update or guide available for Home Assist integration?



Direct Alexa integration will require a SSL proxy which makes it a little harder to setup for the average user.  I have updated my alexa skill some, eliminating some of the hardcoded slot types I had for the initial testing.  I don't have the time right now to make it into something that would be multi-user and publicly available with a dedicated SSL server but I think I can get the skill config, PHP service, and some docs added to FPP to allow a user to setup their own instance of the skill using a SSL tunnel.  I want to do a little more testing since it might make more sense as a plugin if I could make that work.


Is alexa able to use IFTTT?

I'm considering playing with it to make some simple commands for my google home....


Hello, I was wondering if getting FPP to talk to Alexa has gotten any closer to working yet?


I haven't spent any more time on it since my initial proof of concept.  The hard (and insecure) part for most would be exposing FPP to the internet over port 443.  The way I was setting it up, it would be a separate web server directory so the core of the FPP UI and API were not exposed, but it is still a big hoop to jump through to get SSL working unless we build it into FPP and setup LetsEncrypt or something similar.  I can see it as a plugin possibly, but haven't messed with it since I last posted.

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