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Load .raw image to frame buffer for overlay image display on fb0 or LED Colors

Started by digilabpg, May 24, 2024, 11:02:45 AM

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Thanks to everyone who can help me, I use the FPP 7.5 version but with the FPP 8.0 version it's the same, I've been trying to write an image to HDMI or 'LED Colors' for some time via the fb0 or 'LED Colors' device ', what I wanted to ask is there an API command to save an image from the Frame buffer to a file, I tried it and it works well, the command is this:

arg = {"File": "ImageFilename.png"}
r = requests.put('http://localhost/api/overlays/model/fb0/save';, json = arg)

I wanted to ask you, is there a command to do the opposite, load a RAW image from a frame buffer file? Type load command?
I tried using the fppmm command with this syntax:

fppmm -m fb0 -o on
fppmm -m fb0 -f raw.raw

It always gives me the error 'Bus error' the raw file is the right size, I don't understand where my error is.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me


You should be able to just write to the /dev/shm files as Dan mentioned in the other thread.

I just tested this using a simple 'cat' from the command line and it worked fine for my P10 matrix.

You have to enable the overlay model and then anything you write to the FPP-Model-Data-* file for the model should show up on the lights.  You can read the current data by reading the file.  In my quick test, I drew on the matrix model with the MatrixTools plugin, then saved the data off to another file, then cleared the matrix using the MatrixTools plugin and wrote that same data back to the model using the CLI and the P10 panels lit up with my previous drawing.

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