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Multiple Controllers or One Controller with Remotes

Started by Stoshx, November 01, 2023, 12:40:03 PM

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Hello all,

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to having multiple controllers in a layout?  I know a controller can be set to player/remote, but is there any advantage to having a full controller in remote mode instead of getting a dedicated remote besides the cost difference?

For instance, does having a controller in remote mode enable more remotes off that controller or is everything viewed as a remote and limited by the main player controller?

I currently have one controller and two remotes and in the planning stage to greatly expand.

Thank you

K-State Fan

What ever works for your layout is the best. There are advantages and disadvantages both ways but a lot of those are based on personal opinions.

I use multiple controllers and multiple remotes


I agree with K-State Fan, there is no right or wrong answer.  Some houses are a few feet from the sidewalk, and others are spread over a few acres.

I prefer multiple controllers personally as well.  One big device is a lot to have go out, and swap out if it goes bad.  I would only suggest to have some spare equipment on hand.  It sucks if something breaks the weekend before Christmas.  It will be tough to find inventory and get something shipped out at that point.  Anything you set out, you should have a backup plan.  Even if the plan is just to turn off the lights.


What ever works with your layout. 
 Last several years I have run 2 controllers (F16V3) with remote expansion cards and 12 smart receivers in total.  
This year I am upgrading to an F48V4-NS with around 20 smart receivers in total. 
My display is spread out over 2 acres and having the controllers centralized to "pods" I feel will help with a lot of issues I have seen in the past.  None of my pixel cables will be over 20ft long now, just longer Cat6A cables and a few more extension cords.


I like the flexibility of having multiple smaller controllers.  Give me more flexibility in relocating props in my yard, esp as I expanded to my side yard.  I use all wifi as well which lets me run without having data cables in my yard. Also a spare 16 port controller is available which is kept in my shop and used for testing unless needed to replace a failure.  It is an older unit that I bought used.  Currently I use 12 wifi remotes.  I also have a couple of dumb receivers, ready to go, that can be hooked up for use in failure circumstances or an extra prop I didn't plan for.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5

K-State Fan

I thought of jnealand when I posted with as many FPP remotes that he uses.

Then I have seen other people that will use every possible pixel available on one controller.

Support FPP

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