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Smart Receiver difficulty with F48V4 controller

Started by dougp357, November 21, 2023, 07:57:28 AM

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I have an F48V4 controller with a chain of smart receivers connected to port 1-4.  In order, 
Receiver A: SRx1-PSU v4.00, rotary switch set to 'A', termination off.
Receiver B: 4 string smart receiver v2.01 (blue), rotary switch set to 'B', termination off.
Receiver C: 4 string smart receiver v2.01 (blue), rotary switch set to 'C', termination on.

The pixels on Receiver A are working correctly.  The pixels on receivers B and C will light when I push the test button on the receiver, but will not light from test mode on the controller, nor will they light from Xlights.  I'm unclear if I have the rotary switches set correctly.  Any advice?


Last receiver in the chain should be set termination on, all receivers prior should be set to termination off.  Assuming they are in order of A,B,C, then termination settings look good.  I don't own a Srx1, but the 2.01 settings are good.  The settings are typically printed on the back of the board.

Test button tests are never to be completly trusted...especially in smart mode.  Make sure you are working with good ethernet cables.  You could try bypassing Receiver A out of the loop and see if that makes a difference on B and C.  


I would be looking at the configuration in the F48 to see if it is set correctly for multiple smart receivers.
Using LOR (mostly SuperStar) for all sequencing - using FPP only to drive P5 and P10 panels.
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Thanks for both of those suggestions.  I'll dive back in this evening, and update the results.


Good catch.  You need to hit the plus button on the Falcon port until you see the letters.  If the controller is still configured for native mode that could cause the above issue.


I was able to work around it with another cable run.  I was not successful with the initial config.  I moved B and C to 5-8 and everything now appears to work.  I even swapped out the A receiver with different hardware, no luck.


Quote from: dougp357 on November 30, 2023, 05:28:58 AMI moved B and C to 5-8 and everything now appears to work
Interesting.  I thought 5-8 was for v3 series.  There was a new firmware build 30 released yesterday. 

Build 28 : 2023-10-22
- Enh : V5 release
- Enh : Move temperature specific actions to advanced tab to simplify user experience
- Enh : Improve MP3 file conversion error messages
- Fix : Some wifi APIs time out
- Fix : Load settings from JSON file failing
- Fix : Speed up loading of available sequences/playlists on status page
- Fix : CMON/Visualiser/Pixel Types pages not working through FPP proxy
- Fix : Force OLED on if message displayed to the user
- Fix : Timezone change unnecessarily requires reboot
- Fix : Improve Wifi cache age

Build 29 : 2023-11-05
- Enh : Common firmware release with V5 support
- Fix : Address some issues where ESP file system is not loading correctly when first flashed
- Fix : V5 : Address some issues with lag updating fuse status

Build 30 : 2023-11-29
- Enh : Add test mode where you can manually set the colour via web interface (3 and 4 channel pixels)
- Enh : Add CMY test pattern
- Fix : Playing sequence with audio from status page results in lights and audio getting out of sync
- Fix : When schedule ends lights do not turn off
- Fix : Nulls on smart receivers not being handled correctly

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