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FPP on a Pi2 with 2 x P5 64x32 am I asking too much?

Started by big_red_frog, April 02, 2023, 01:13:59 PM

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I am looking to use FPP as an endpoint for DPP from ledfx ( sound to light PC hosted app )

I have commissioned FPP on a pi2 ( as I gave up waiting to get a pi4 at msrp for a while )

Networking is a hard wired cable.

I am using an electo dragon drive board

to 2x P5 64 x 32 panels

I have FPP up and I have some form of test pattern up on the display panels. Also I can run Display testing and see RGB-All marching across the panels

HOWEVER: The browser front end is REALLY slow, chrome often gives up waiting for pages to resolve.

Am I asking too much of a pi2?

Also how do I enable it as a DPP endpoint to consume incoming data?

Thanks for any help / calibration


Trying to post a reply to myself, forum keeps eating it ( oh discord where art thou! )


OK, lets try a replay again then.

Got DDP working, however it was really suffering on frame rate, this should be smooth

Halved the panel count to 1 x 32 x 64 and its a lot smoother ( assuming something somewhere is cloning )

If anyone has experience that pi4 is better than pi2 for ddp protocol hardwired to multiple P5 panels, I would dearly love to hear it, so I can wait until Pi4 is not rocking horse poop ( or some other board that is known to be better )


If you were using fpp as a player I'd tell you to set the pi as a remote, it will run much smoother if you don't push the pixel data over the network.  However this won't be an option with your setup.  It's lagging due to the excessive amount of channel data being sent over the network.  Updating to a pi 4 might fix it, only way to know for sure is to try it 


I run 4 P5 panels using a Pi3 as a remote (with a hat) and have not noticed any issues.  I really do not use any wired controllers as I like having no data wires in my yard and I like the flexibility of putting a prop anywhere in the yard.  I have 12 FPP remotes and I like to move those in the yard around a little year to year just to shake things up for my neighbors.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


I have switched up to a BBB setup so I should not have a mips problem, I can look at the network implications in isolation now.


All commissioned on a BBB and it is buttery smooth, transformative

Support FPP

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