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F16V4 running two V2.01 boards

Started by newtoitall, November 20, 2022, 09:50:44 PM

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Good Evening All,

This is my first year working in this hobby.  

I am running the F16v4 controller, off of the main controller I am running two (2) v2.01 expansion boards.  

I am running two (2) boscoyo 7.4' candy canes with 200 pixels each in 50 light strings.

I attempted to test my set up this evening and I could not get the two candy canes to test on "A" and "B" channels.  One tested on "A", but "B" stayed dark.   I did however change the second controller to "A", and both candy canes tested together, but the second receiver did not show up under (a 21, 22, 23, 24) I am concerned the sequences will not run properly if both are left in "A".

I have a few questions regarding daisy chaining the two together.

I am running one ethernet cable to my control box containing the two expansion boards.  That cable goes into board "A" and I have a crossover ethernet going into the 2nd board.  

Termination switches have been checked and are "off" on Board "A" and "on" on Board "B".

My questions:

-When setting the letters on the boards will the 2nd controller be the same as the 1st.  An example is if I set the 1st one to "A" will the 2nd be "A", or should it be set to a different letter, say "B"?

I only ask due to the fact when opening up the controller, I have (a) 17, 18, 19, 20, and (a) 21, 22, 23, 24 then will jump to "B".

Will I need to run a second ethernet cable to from the F16v4 from the 2nd expansion port directly to the 2nd expansion board?

A separate question if anyone might know is when using a Raspberry Pi to run the show, will the controller shut it down or will I need to keep constant power onto it?

Lol...I'm feeling I might have taken on a little more than I should have on my first year.

I appreciate any and all advice.


Normal mode Recv 1 port will take ports 17-20, and Recv port 2 will take ports 21-24.  Both should be set at zero termination on.
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In smart mode (Chained) First device should be set to A, second on set to B, and etc.  ONLY the last device in the chain set to termination ON.  Everything before the last device should be set to termination OFF.  If plugged into Recv port 1 will be 17a, 17b, 17c, and etc, If plugged into Recv port 2 will take 21a, 21b, 21c, and etc.

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Put the crossover cable back in the box, we are not using IP to talk to the receivers. It is an RS 485 serial network using the DMX-512 protocol  for the most part. Ethernet cable is use since it cheap and has 4 pairs so that is why the receivers are 4 channel. PLEASE do not plug any of the DMX or receivers into a network port unless you like magic smoke!
Using K8-B, Rpi 3b w/PiHat, Rpi 3b+ w/ PiHat, K4-PB

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