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Smart receiver 2.01 on F16v3 not sending data

Started by chris.fisher, September 30, 2022, 10:48:41 AM

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Having trouble setting up a smart receiver 2.01 on my f16v3 (v2.59). Not sure what step I'm missing. Running the test mode on the receivers works fine and the pixels light up.
The problem seems to be getting the signal to the smart receiver.
When I output a sequence from xlights to the controller, it appears to still go to the regular ports and not the ports on the receiver.

Ethernet is plugged into the top rj45 port on the controller (3rd image)

Attached are photos of the controller setup, and photos of the receiver. Any help would be appreciated 


If using white version 3 products with the 2.01, you need to use the 1,2,and 3 settings instead of A,B,C.  On the dial on the SR 2.01 change the A settings to 1 , the B setting to 2, and the C settings to 3. 

Update... hold that thought.  You are not using a differential expansion board, so the SR ports are only going to work in native mode on the v3.  You can not chain them in that mode.  If you want to chain them you will need to purchase a 4 port differential expansion card.

Differential Receiver
A single Falcon 4-port Differential Receiver (see Section can be connected to any of the serial outputs (also referred to as DMX Ports).  This allows for the Pixel Outputs to be placed up to 250' from the F16v3 controller with a separate power supply.

The ports available for use will vary with the DMX port the Differential Receiver is connected to as shown in Table 3-3.

Table 3-3: Differential Receiver Ports when Connected to F16v3 Serial Output Ports
F16v3 Serial Output Port
Available Ports on Differential Receiver
Serial Output (see Section 4.2.5)
DMX Port 1
1, 2, 3, and 4
1, 2, 3, and 4
DMX Port 2
DMX Port 3

P.S. If you buy the expansion board, it looks like all your SRs had the termination dip switches on.  Only the last device in the chain should have termination on.


Thanks for the reply!  Unchaining them and setting the dial to 1 fixed the issue.


Quote from: chris.fisher on September 30, 2022, 12:33:21 PMThanks for the reply!  Unchaining them and setting the dial to 1 fixed the issue.
The SR 2.01 should have arrived in Native/Normal mode.  That would be Mode 0, termination all ON.  I would have guessed that setting it to 1, would have placed it in v3 smart mode A.  There is NO documentation on how to use the 2.01 SRs with V3 products though.  I was told there is a legend printed on them, but it must be on the back as I have never seen it.  If you are having issues, you might switch them back to zero and see if that resolves anything.  Glad it is working for you!


Just stumbled on your response here, JonD, and it saved me! I guess I read somewhere that the v2.01 receivers were compatible with the F16V3 and it's differential expansion board (the white one), so I set it all up using the F16V4 instructions, dutifully setting the receivers to "A" "B" and so forth...with no luck.

Setting them to 1, 2, 3, etc. did the trick. Thanks for posting that. BTW, I found no legend printed on them (either front or back).

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