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Translucent Durable Waterproof Fabric

Started by xtremedew, July 09, 2021, 01:39:17 PM

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Hi All, 

I have an idea to build out some 2'x2'x2' cubes of PVC and wrap them with some type of translucent fabric, but wanted to reach out to see if anyone came across anything. My thought is to put a RGB flood light inside, and then wrap the top and sides. 

I looked at some vinyl materials, but it doesn't shine light through that well. There are other materials are available, but I am not sure how durable "outdoor-wise" they will be with the elements.

Thanks in advance,


Is this to make glowing cubes, or to protect the floods from the weather?


I used a shower curtain from Target.  Two versions "white" and "translucent".  If I was you I'd use the translucent for the display and scotch tape aluminum foil to the back and bottom of the cube (if it's on the ground).  The cube should gloss nicely.


BTW: you don't need a flood light, wrapping the LED's around a Styrofoam ball will work nicely and you can " imprint" several colors onto the cube's sides.  

Play with it a bit, send a photo when you're done!


Here is a link to some plastic I used for a project a few years ago:

It worked very well.  It comes in a roll, but flattened out easily.  I do like SCUBA's shower curtain idea - and a lot cheaper than the link above (but I needed something semi-stiff).
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also if you use PEX-A tubing it may look homogenous.  PEX-A is translucent, use 3/4" stuff.  PEX-A (not PEX-B) is not very ridged.  2' should be ok


Thanks All. Yes is is for making glowing cubes, not to protect the floods.

I do like the shower curtain idea. Family member mentioned raincoat material also. I'll give some ideas a shot!


I use shower curtain as my projection screen in a bedroom window. Halloween and Christmas. Cheap projector, driven by a RasPi hdmi running Standalone.
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