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Falcon F16V4 not receiving FPP data

Started by haydenjc15, May 14, 2024, 05:51:10 PM

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Hi -

I just recently started this journey and am having difficulty getting my FPP to speak to my controller.

I have the F16V4 controller and it's hardwired to my Raspberry Pi. I am able to access the web interface for both from my laptop and test mode in the controller interface works just fine. I am not able to get test mode or sequences to work in FPP though.

I used FPP Connect in XLights and pretty sure the outputs are set up correctly.

Attached some screenshots of how things are set up


I don't understand your network configuration at all.  First of all, you cannot have more than one network connection with the same IP address and you have both of your PI's interfaces and your controllers interfaces using the same address.  What is at address  If you want to have the PI and the controller directly connected thru their Ethernet ports, then you need to do the following.  Set your controllers wired IP address to and set the PI's Ethernet address to  This will create a new network between the two devices.  Leave the subnet mask for all at  Remove the gateway address from both the PI's Ethernet configuration and the controllers wired configuration because that network does NOT have a gateway.  You can delete the proxy entry in FPP because you really don't need it.  The controllers WIFI address is already set up on your main network so there is no need for a proxy to get to it.  In the channel outputs configuration in FPP, change the Unicast Address to and FPP will know to send pixel data thru the Ethernet connection and you should be good to go as far as testing thru FPP.  The wireless interfaces appear to be configured correctly and can be left alone.


Like was mentioned, you have some issues. I wouldn't recommend configuring your F16 for both Wi-Fi and eth0. You will need a Proxy host or other routing method.
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Quote from: Poporacer on May 14, 2024, 07:23:16 PMLike was mentioned, you have some issues. I wouldn't recommend configuring your F16 for both Wi-Fi and eth0. You will need a Proxy host or other routing method.
Why would you need a proxy?  He can use the controllers WIFI connection on his home network for configuration and monitoring and the eth0 connection for show data.  I wish that my older F48 had that capability but its WIFI is pretty much useless.  


@tbone321 - that worked, thank you!!! Spent way too long trying to figure this out and would've never arrived at that alone haha.


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