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Testing works, sequences out of vixen does not

Started by lynn.sinsebox, December 01, 2020, 09:53:46 PM

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Hey guys, I'm a newbie.  I have about 1300 pixels on my home.  Running them off 3 raspberry pi with falcon pi caps.  Each controller has both ports utilized.  One control set as Master, two others as remote.  Test mode looks get but I'm missing something in my patching I think, I can get sequences to play.  I set the three controllers and patched elements accordingly.  I have mirrored the channel settings on FPP.  I have not done anything with universes, not sure if that's the missing piece or if maybe I'm supposed to set up each port on the controller separately in vixen.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There's not a real lot of info there to work from.
In FPP you will have to assign Universes to the channels on the E131 tab at least.
Screenshots of what you have configured is the best thing to work from or alternately upload a video to youtube showing your vixen and fpp setups.


IF you're running Master/Remote on the FPP's, did you EXPORT your sequences from Vixen to FPP?   In Vixen you can export each sequence individually from the Sequence Editor (Sequence -> Export), or you can export multiple sequences in batch mode using the Vixen Tools -> Export Wizard.  Pay attention to the option selecting either FPP V1.x or FPP v2.6+ to create fseq v1 or fseq v2 files

When running Master/Remote, you're not sending Universe data across the network because each FPP stores a local copy of the data.  So you first need to copy (export) the fseq data to the Master and all Remotes.  Then when Master plays its local copy of the sequence it sends small "sync" messages to the Remotes telling them to play each of their local copies of the data.


You cannot view this attachment.
Update.  I did figure out how to make universes.  But still not working right.  I've exported sequences again since making the change and deleted old and uploaded new on each controller.
Here's what I have in Vixen.  Each controller set up the same.  With 4 universes on each.  1-4 on controller 1, 5-8 on controller 2, 9-12 on controller 3.  Each element patched to controller it's plugged into in order of how they are wired.     
You cannot view this attachment.


And here is FPP screens for each controllerYou cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.


What you're showing so far looks basically correct, but its not the whole picture.  We need to see the FPP Channel Inputs screens too.

And when you try running it what happens now? (since you've made changes).  It would also help to see what the FPP Status screens are showing when you are trying to run the sequence


Ok.  I think I'm pretty much good to go now.  The only issue I am now having after fixing universes and re exporting the sequences is that my 46" Boscoyo chromabulb is mapped wrong.  Got multiple months lit at one time and eyes are out.  That's something I'll have to work on.  Thank you for your help friends.


If you're planning to run your FPP's in Master/Remote then you'll need to remember to STOP/Disable the controllers in Vixen (you currently have them enabled/active).  If they are enabled, they will be outputting data to your network whenever Vixen is running and that will interfere with Master/Remote operation

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