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k16 a-b pixelnet output

Started by galgon, November 07, 2022, 08:47:30 PM

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I am attempting to connect my new k16 with FPP 5.5 to my active hub as I start to move my gear into this decade.  Hub is channels 1-4096, k16 is 4097-8176.  K16 runs strings with no issue.   To setup pixelnet i went to channel outputs choose other and set all of the possible combinations of pixelnet and pixelnet-lynx to all of the O and S ports.  At this point i am just guessing. i dont even know which output aligns to which ports.  

-If I just want to output 1 universe of pixelnet to the first RJ45 jack (17-20) what would be the proper settings?  Which port # is correct to use? ttys0?  


This controller does not give the ability to output DMX or PixelNet to any of the RJ45 connectors.  You need to use the TTY ports.  If you are using the K16 to directly drive strings, do you really need the active hub?  I believe that the TTY ports can only put out 1 universe each and are probably #1 and #2 on the configuration screen.  That screen appears to be from the K8 that does not hahe TTY ports and uses 2 of the RJ45 jacks for either Differential Controllers or serial outputs like DMX and Pixelnet.


Ok tty ports makes sense. Any idea what the piniut would be from the 3 tty connections to Ethernet for pixelnet.

The goal is to get rid of the hub but all my strings are wired for the smart string restrictions 128 pixels max per output. I will rewire everything next year but out of time now.


The K16 has two tty outputs.  Thus, you could wire the orange pair (pins 1 and 2) to one and green (3 and 6) to the other and get two pixel net universes over the cat5 to the hub.   

Keep in mind, pixelnet is restricted to 20fps (50ms) timing for the sequences.
Daniel Kulp -


When you come from a pixelnet hub to an SSC you are getting power and data over the cat5 cable. I think the only way you can do this is to use pixelnet open from the K16 to the input port of the active hub.  If you just want to use your strings with the K16, they are just standard WS2811 or TM1804/9.
Jim Nealand
Kennesaw, GA all Falcon controllers, all 12v Master Remote Multisync with Pi and BBB P10 and P5


Thanks for all the help - Got this working today.  

For future users to make this easy for you

Cut the end off the ethernet cable you want to send pixelnet to the hub. 

For Pixelnet universe 1 - On the tty S1 plug orange stripe in +, orange in -
For Pixelnet universe 1 - On the tty S2 plug green stripe in +, green  in -

On the FPP in outputs other set output, pixelnet-open.  Start channel 1 to port tty s1
add a second pixelnet-open, start channel 4097, to port tty s2. 

This setup should give you 2 universes of pixetnet with channel 1-8192.  

Change channels as necessary to match your setup.  

Very similar setup if you want to use DMX to an express.  Use DMX-Open as the output type and pic the start channel you want to send for the DMX universe you want to send.  


If you need a third universe, ttyS5 is possible.   Pixel string 27 which is the blue pair (pins 5/4) is the UART5 tty tx pin.   Thus, you could run the blue lines from your cut cable into a new RJ45 connector.  Just make sure you don't configure any pixels for strings 25-28.

A forth pixelnet universe is possible via UART3.   String 20 is the brown pair in that RJ45.  However, you would need to write a very small script to run "config-pin P9-42 uart" to put it into uart mode.
Daniel Kulp -

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