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Pixel overly and static on script issue

Started by dreiman, December 11, 2019, 05:59:45 AM

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I have a simple setuo. Using rpi3 and mech relay boards via gpio. I have an outdoor speaker in which I have set up on one plug that I used the static on script and a pixel overly setup for that one channel.

I did this so I could turn the speaker on before a play list than off after that playlist ends. I could keep the speaker on, (and it's what I am doing currently) but I'd rather have it off when it's not needed.

So here's the oddness. I had it all set up. And it was working good. All of a sudden after the play lists for the evening were done last night, I went to test something and manually played a playlist and the speaker didn't come on.

I found when manually running the script that it couldn't find the overlay item. I looked and it was gone.  Wondering what would cause this...

Then after creating the overlay item, and checking config... it will not work.

Not sure why... 

Tonight I am going to delete the script and re install it. Try again.

In the mean time I just inverted the output it's plugged into so that it's normally on. For 2 reasons, 1 to make the speaker work, and 2, to make sure the relay triggers as it should which it does.


Well I guess no one has had this issue.

Something else weird happened. I have it set up so that just a few lights come on steady in the morning just before dawn. Really it's just lighting so I can see when I leave for work. But this morning they came on and stayed on all day. Then later the scheduled play lists were playing but the sequences were not going and no music. I restarted fpp, and rebooted it and I got to the point where the sequence was working but extremely low sound. Finally I killed the power to the pi and powered it back up. Then everything was working correctly, except the script in the first post...



So, I managed to get it working as it should. I re did the scripts, and the events etc.. Seems to work. Still not sure why FPP would just drop all the added overlay's I set up. Also, not sure why it locked up as it did.

Maybe I should through a reboot some time in the early AM just to make sure it's fresh. 

At any rate, it played through the evening as intended.

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