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Xlights crashed on mac - Can't recover

Started by Laser Falcon, November 08, 2023, 01:22:22 AM

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Laser Falcon

I have an unusual problem. I was in the process of changing universe numbers on one of my five Falcon controllers. I completed that and then went to X-Lights to correct the universe numbers for each of the models. I changed the universe range for the controller and then went to the layout to change the universe numbers for the affected models. As expected, when I went to the layout, I got a warning that X-Lights could not calculate start channels for the models. More models were listed than could fit on the screen but I couldn't scroll down to see the rest. The program froze at that point and wouldn't allow me to do anything including quit.  I had to force quit the program and I thought that would be the end of it. However, when I restarted xLights, it started with the same Warning message and was frozen again. I repeated this a couple of times. I went to the Apple store to download the latest version of xLights to start fresh. Once again, when it opened the program the Warning appeared again and the program was frozen. I am now completely dead in the water.  How do I get up and running again?

Laser Falcon

I forgot to mention in my first post, I DID try restarting my computer. However, once again, when I start xLights, the Warning message pops up and the program freezes.


It sounds to me like maybe the config is corrupted.  You may need to restore to a version prior to the configuration change.  On a PC there is a backup folder within the xlights program directory.  In that folder there is a backup of all your settings. 

Laser Falcon

I don't know which one did the trick, but by replacing the keybindings, networks, and rgbeffects files I was able to get up and running again. I lost a lot of work, but at least it is working again. Before I redo my work I am going to post a new question to see if there is anything inadvisable about what I am wanting to do.

Laser Falcon

After having this same situation repeat multiple times, and a lot of lost work with me resorting to backup files each time, I finally found the issue and it was NOT xLights crashing. As I said in my initial post, the Warning message included "More models were listed than I could fit on the screen but I could't scroll down to see the rest." At the time, I tried to scroll, hit escape, quit, etc., trying to get the program to respond but nothing would work. I could only use "Force Quit" to get out of the situation. What I finally discovered is as the bottom of this long list of models (off the screen) there was also an "OK" button that I couldn't see.  The program wasn't frozen, it was simply waiting for me to respond to the "OK" prompt (that I couldn't see) by pushing the Return key.  Once I became aware of this, all I had to do was hit Return every time the message came up even though I couldn't see the "OK" prompt.
Even though I feel silly now, this could happen to anybody in a similar situation.  What might be helpful, if possible, is to make the list of models a scrolling list so a person could scroll down and see the "OK" button waiting for a response.

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