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Feature request - Running video with FPP + Virtual Matrix from pi4

Started by chasingtraction, May 11, 2022, 09:58:24 PM

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I have been running MP4 (h.264) files as my sequence files for a number of years with no issue but I would like to try and include some of my projection with virtual matrix as well to allow the use of xlights effects via projection. but I am unable to make it work 

I have tested the following things using 2x Rasp Pi 4b's in master / remote (v5.5)

1) using a virtual matrix setup as usual and a mp3 audio file as the sequence file and this works fine as virtual matrix on the FPP I set it up to run

2) using mp4 video file as the sequence file it outputs the video perfectly on all PI's and FPP connect to upload media to all pis

3) if I want to have some running the video file and some running virtual matrix I need to delete the media file form that pi and it then works - but this generates FPP errors to do with the missing video file

Unless I am missing a setting, can there please be an option in FPP to switch between local media or virtual matrix on the hdmi output?




Quote from: chasingtraction on May 11, 2022, 09:58:24 PMI have tested the following things using 2x Rasp Pi 4b's in master / remote (v5.5)
How can you do that when there is no Master/Remote mode in FPP after version 5?

It sounds like you might not understand how it works.

You need only one Player, this will be the device that is typically playing your audio.
The rest of the FPP devices will be set to remote mode. If your remote device is going to play sequence data, then it needs only the sequence files, no audio files or video files. If your remote is going to play videos, then it only needs the video file, no sequence file and no audio file. The video file needs to have the same name as the audio source in the sequence but with the mp4 extension.

So if you are going to use a device as a combination virtual matrix (playing sequence data) and as a Projector playing Video files. You can do that a couple ways.

On the songs that you want it to play sequence data (virtual matrix), only upload the sequence file (no audio, no video), on the files that it is going to play the video (projector) only upload the video file (no sequence, no audio)

Or you can convert your sequence data to a video file and then no need for a virtual matrix at all and just play videos.
Quote from: chasingtraction on May 11, 2022, 09:58:24 PMbut this generates FPP errors to do with the missing video file
Where are you getting this error? You cannot play sequences on a remote and if you deleted your media file from your player, then that is expected
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