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Have to reset board after losing power

Started by ncosper, December 09, 2021, 03:01:03 PM

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Not sure if there is a fix for this but I have a red v2. I'm using it on a parade float so we lose power occasionally and before running each time. Every time the board loses power it loses its entire config. I oled will be black and will have to do a reset. Once I do I have to reupload the string configs and then it works fine until it loses power. 
Any solution to keeping the configuration after a power loss?


How are you powering this setup? If it is a 12 volt setup just add a 12 volt battery.
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Quote from: rayster on December 10, 2021, 02:00:30 PMHow are you powering this setup? If it is a 12 volt setup just add a 12 volt battery.

If from a gasoline generator, I'd suspect the slow drop in voltage as it shuts down or perhaps electrical noise from the generator is corrupting the memory. My F16v2 Red has kept its settings for four years. (running the v1.11 b006 firmware).

Powering the F16 from a battery (12v) via the external power jacks should prevent this, though.
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It is powered by a generator but the problem exists when plugged in to an outlet inside the house too.  
I tried multiple power sources and don't believe it is related to the source. 

It doesn't seem to have any memory after it Powers down. It's bit nerve wracking when having a float in a parade and knowing it will require a full reconfiguration if the generator dies.

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